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AEW Collision results, live blog (Dec. 2, 2023): Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Dec. 2) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from the Erie Insurance Arena in Erie, Pennsylvania. It will continue the company’s build toward Dec. 30’s Worlds Ends PPV on Long Island.

That includes, of course, action from the Blue League of the Continental Classic. Bryan Danielson is to start his run to the Triple Crown with his first match since he was sidelined with a fractured orbital bone in October. He’ll be facing the man who put two titles up in the tournament, Eddie Kingston. Tonight’s other Blue League matches should be just as good: Andrade El Ídolo vs. Daniel Garcia and Brody King vs. Claudio Castagnoli.

Plus... more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Time to do some colliding.

The usual pre-show short form promos from everyone on the card tonight.

Starting with a Blue League match in the Continental Classic.

Brody King vs. Claudio Castagnoli

They start working a big man match, with the two just trading huge shots back and forth. They went to the outside doing the same, then back in. Finally, Brody took control with a big boot but Claudio made a quick comeback with a body slam that got a big pop.

After a commercial break, King took over once again and put the boots to Claudio until it was time for another big comeback. Claudio got the crowd hyped for the Giant Swing but King got out of it.

King came off the ropes and Castagnoli lifted him super high in the air and hit the big uppercut. That was insanely impressive for how big Brody is. After, Claudio actually did get the Giant Swing, much to the delight of the crowd. The follow up submission attempt was broken when King got to the bottom rope.

They traded back on their feet, some reversals and King got the big piledriver for a two count. He picked him up and then hit a lariat and that was enough.

Brody King def. Claudio Castagnoli via pinfall

Backstage promo from Jon Moxley saying maybe the last four years are finally catching up to him. His head hurts, his back hurts, now his knee hurts, his fingers are tingly all the time. He lives in pain on a day-to-day basis. His head isn’t screwed on straight lately either, with doctors prescribing him a lot of different medication.

He’s sick and tired of being sick and tired. His body is failing him and he’s tired of that too. He’s sick of being pissed off. So he’s going to do the only thing he’s ever known how to do, the only thing he’s ever been good at — he’s going to wrestle and fight his way out of it.

He’s going to win the Continental Classic. He wants to feel the connection with the audience, that’s what AEW is all about. Somebody has to step up and win this tournament and show what AEW is and what it can be.

“I’m the ace in the world, bitch, and that’s just the way it is.”

No one in the tournament can do anything to him more than what he fights on a daily basis. No one can be harder on him than the demons he fights daily but if someone thinks they can, go ahead and take a shot.

Abadon vs. Kiera Hogan

Hogan got a little bit of offense in to start but Abadon quickly took over. She worked her over until a roll up pinfall attempt turned the match in Hogan’s favor. A neckbreaker got her a two count.

It wasn’t long after that Abadon took control once again and then she hit her finish for the win.

Abadon def. Kiera Hogan via pinfall

The lights went out. When they came back up, Julia Hart was in the ring. Abadon turned to her and Hart seemed just fine with the confrontation. The lights went out again and when they came up, Hart was gone.

Samoa Joe interviewed.

He’s quickly interrupted by Roderick Strong, who says he’s willing to forgive him for trying to break his neck not once but twice. But he wants to warn him that this is clearly a trap. Adam Cole says he likes Joe and is a fan of his, so that makes them best friends by proxy because Strong is Cole’s best friend.

Strong said Wednesday is just a set up and his goons are just going to beat the crap out of him. He’s probably plotting right now, in fact! Is Joe going to listen?

Joe just laughed and walked off.

Another Blue League match.

Daniel Garcia vs. Andrade El Idolo

Before the match started, the referee threw CJ Perry out, so she went to the back. As Tony Schiavone put it, the rules were being abided by.

Andrade all over Garcia early. When Garcia made his comeback, Daddy Magic on commentary was talking about not wanting to see him dance, because he wants to see him keep control and get after Andrade. He didn’t dance, went to the outside to chase him, and ended up losing control anyway.

A lot of back-and-forth. A slow spot to sell and Andrade kips up and gets the crowd going. He hits a superplex on Garcia, then three amigos. He goes for the Figure Eight but Garcia reverses and manages to get the Sharpshooter. Andrade somehow gets him off and rolls through. Hits a Flatliner. That’s it.

Andrade El Idolo def. Daniel Garcia via pinfall

Willie Mack cuts a promo on Wardlow, saying he didn’t like what he did to AR Fox and he wants him in a match next week.

He’s a big man and a big meal to eat.

The Kingdom introduced and Roderick Strong cuts off the announcement of as much so he could say something to his new best friend by proxy, Samoa Joe. He said again that everything he said was true, Max is the devil and Joe will find out very soon.

The Kingdom vs. Iron Savages

Boulder to start and he gets in a lot of offense while Schiavone calls him “one of the Iron Savages” before a big pause and Nigel stepped in to tell him it was Boulder. That was funny. Bronson tagged in and had his way with Matt Taven before going back to Boulder. Taven avoided him coming off the top and got to Mike Bennett for the tag. They did their thing, finishing off Bronson with the assisted piledriver.

The Kingdom def. Iron Savages

After, Roderick Strong, of course, hopped into the ring and kicked Boulder before bailing back out to his chair., which he appeared to break.

Ethan Page requested some interview time.

He says ever since he lost to MJF in Canada he has had to regroup, refocus his energy and efforts, and he’s gotten into the best physical shape of his life. So he’s here to make a challenge and check off a bucket list thing. He wants to be the king of Canada and if he wants that he’s going to need a crown.

But right now that crown is sitting on someone else’s head. So he wants Kenny Omega.

House of Black vs. Matt Sydal & Christopher Daniels

This is the first time Sydal & Daniels have been on Collision.

Buddy Matthews started with Sydal, and they had a really fun sequence of reversals and counters. Malakai Black got in and did some work before they went to a commercial break that felt like it went forever.

The match got to that point quickly that it broke down with bodies flying all around. Daniels hit a big dive to the outside and they were setting up like they might pull off the upset, as commentary called it. But Sydal got pushed off the ropes and appeared to hit his knee. He recovered enough to come off the top rope anyway and ran into a big kick.

Shortly after, Black hit his Black Mass on Daniels and that did it.

House of Black def. Matt Sydal & Christopher Daniels via pinfall

The lights went out while they were in the ring celebrating. When they came up, FTR’s music hit and they walked out.

Black grabbed a mic and said he assumes the both of them are here because they’re joining the House of Black. They strike him as family men and the only people who have been there for them for a long time now has been the House of Black. Malakai says he’s done many things but not once has he told a lie.

The crowd chants for them.

Black puts the mic down on the mat and steps back. Dax Harwood walks forward like he’s going to grab it and Matthews rocks him, revealing the set up. Cash Wheeler attacks but he too gets laid out. House of Black stands tall.

Toni Storm is in haste, and she has no time for an interview with Renee Young. She says she was interrupted by Skye Blue at her ceremony and she has advice for her — walk backwards because the only time people pay attention to her is when they’re taking pictures of her behind.


Skye Blue cuts a promo saying Toni Storm is in a mid life crisis and none of what she has is going to stop her from taking the championship from her. She’ll have her chin up, her tits out, and she’s going to kick Storm’s ass.


El Hijo Del Vikingo vs. Kip Sabian

My feed has been cutting out quite a bit for this match, apologies, folks. Vikingo has Sabian in the corner and hits the double running knees. Up top and hits the big 450 splash and that will do it.

El Hijo Del Vikingo def. Kip Sabian via pinfall

They show replays and Viking also hit a big dive to the outside that looked great. Thanks, Mediacom for messing that up for me.

After, Vikingo offers his hand to Sabian and Kip refuses to shake it. Weirdly, they cut to backstage literally just after kip stormed off.

Keith Lee interviewed backstage.

He is interrupted immediately by Shane Taylor, who says they didn’t settle things last time and they need to have a rematch at Final Battle and show the world. Lee immediately accepts the challenge.

CJ Perry interviewed backstage.

Before she can speak, Miro rolls up trying to get into Andrade El Idolo’s dressing room. Perry stops him. She tells him he picked his god, and she has chosen her path. But please, if there’s any love that he has for her, please let her do this. Please let her find her own way. And if she means anything to him, don’t lay a hand on her client.

He says his god is gone. If he was still with him he would be in the tournament ripping Andrade’s spine out. But he does promise not to lay a hand on her client.

Main event time.

Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

Danielson with the eye patch is quite the look. Tougher somehow. They work a bit slower to start with it. Danielson with a slap and Kingston responded with a very LOUD crack on Bryan’s chest. That stopped the arena.

Some chain wrestling from there into a commercial break.

Back from it and Danielson hitting a big dropkick. Both guys sell. Bryan goes for the LeBell Lock but can’t really get all of it. He rolls Kingston over to try to get a crossface. He turns it around and goes for the Lock again. Kingston lifts up and out and they start exchanging big blows while still on the ground.

They’re just straight up slapping each other HARD in the face. Kingston knocked his path over and nearly off. Danielson just readjusted it and kept firing back. What a sequence.

Bryan gains control and does the kicks but Kingston pops back up and goes back to the massive chops. They start trading and going back-and-forth. Danielson with the suplex and he gets the kicks. Eddie down and Danielson grabs his arms and starts kicking his head in.

They both sell but Danielson gets up and hits the Psycho Knee to finish it.

Bryan Danielson def. Eddie Kingston via pinfall

Danielson celebrates by going outside the ring, finding a fan with a sign that says “Eddie is a bum” and taking it into the ring.


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