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Tony Khan attacks Disco Inferno, calls him irrelevant parasite

“To be AEW is to be under constant attack,” said AEW owner Tony Khan at a post-show press conference following Ring of Honor Final Battle.

“At this point, I don’t worry about it,” said Khan.

But apparently, Khan still takes criticism to heart. After AEW Collision on Saturday (Dec. 16), Khan took to social media to ask fans how they were feeling. Former WCW star Disco Inferno saw it as an opportunity to give his two cents, replying on X, “Like the show needs a reset.”

Khan didn’t take kindly to that and went straight for the jugular.

The belief that you’re an irrelevant parasite unites the entire pro wrestling community.


Disco replied by thanking Khan for the content before responding to Khan’s claim that he was irrelevant, saying:

“If I am irrelevant, how did I unite the wrestling community? And if the wrestling community is united by someone who is irrelevant, what does that say about the wrestling community? Love to hear the answers.”

While it didn’t take much for Khan to get riled up by an alleged irrelevant parasite, this isn’t the first time Disco has gotten under the skin of those in AEW. Usually, it’s ended much worse for the former WCW Television Champion, whose criticisms of Tony Khan’s promotion are considered dubious at best.

In 2018, Cody Rhodes slammed Disco, calling him a juiced-up double-lifer who never drew money after Disco said nobody knew how to work when a picture of a bloodied Rhodes hit social media.

This past June, Kenny Omega ethered Inferno after the latter dragged Omega into a conversation about safety. That came following a risky spot featuring a wrestler Disco was unfamiliar with. Omega responded with a five-star insult, saying, “I knew that years of huffing Big Show’s farts left you a bit slow but how do you explain the ignorance?”

Given the history here, a response by Khan isn’t surprising. While it’s unlikely to silence the Inferno, Khan seems to have done enough to douse Disco’s flame as he was apparently suffering from Saturday night fever following Collision.

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