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Continental Classic’s Blue League might actually end in a 5-way tie

Tonight’s (Dec. 16) Winter is Coming episode of AEW Collision featured three matches in the Blue League of the Continental Classic tournament.

The undefeated Andrade El Idolo kicked off the show in a match against Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio was seeking not only the three points he needed to remain competitive in the tournament, but he was also out for revenge after Andrade brutalized Bryan Danielson’s injured eye last week. Andrade tried to use the exposed steel behind the turnbuckle to his advantage again just as he did against Brody King, but it backfired this time. Andrade was crotched on the steel, and then Claudio followed up with a low blow behind the ref’s back. That led to a win for Castagnoli, preventing Andrade from advancing to the semifinal round.

The second Blue League match of the night saw Eddie Kingston pick up a victory over the winless Daniel Garcia. This was a must-win for Kingston, whose ROH World Championship and NJPW Strong Openweight Championship are both on the line in this tournament. Garcia is now mathematically eliminated from advancing to the semifinal round, while Eddie now has 6 points.

The main event match was a pivotal fight of Bryan Danielson vs. Brody King, with each man tied at 6 points. Danielson was once again bleeding from his wounded eye for much of the contest. Brody surprised everyone by kicking out of Bryan’s Busaiku Knee strike at a one count. Bryan responded with the very logical decision to keep hitting King with several more Busaiku Knees until he was down for the three count. Bryan got his hand raised and now ties Andrade atop the Blue League with 9 points each.

Here are the updated standings for the Continental Classic:

Gold League

Jon Moxley (4-0-0): 12 points
Swerve Strickland (3-1-0): 9
Jay White (3-1-0): 9
RUSH (2-2-0): 6
Mark Briscoe (0-4-0): 0*
Jay Lethal (0-4-0): 0*

Blue League

Andrade El Idolo (3-1-0): 9 points
Bryan Danielson (3-1-0): 9
Brody King (2-2-0): 6
Eddie Kingston (2-2-0): 6
Claudio Castagnoli (2-2-0): 6
Daniel Garcia (0-4-0): 0*

* Will continue, but mathematically eliminated and can not advance past the round robin stage.

The final Gold League matches take place Wednesday (Dec. 20) on Dynamite:

  • Jon Moxley (12 points) vs. Jay White (9 points)
  • Swerve Strickland (9 points) vs. RUSH (6 points)
  • Jay Lethal (0 points) vs. Mark Briscoe (0 points)

The top two wrestlers in the Gold League will advance to face each other in the semifinal round on Dec. 27. You can read about all the potential scenarios in play for the final week of the Gold League right here.

The final Blue League matches take place next Saturday (Dec. 23) on Collision:

  • Bryan Danielson (9 points) vs. Claudio Castagnoli (6 points)
  • Andrade El Idolo (9 points) vs. Eddie Kingston (6 points)
  • Brody King (6 points) vs. Daniel Garcia (0 points)

The top two ranked Blue League wrestlers will advance to the semifinal round to face each other again on Dec. 27. If Castagnoli, Kingston, and King win their respective matches next Saturday, the Blue League will finish in a 5-way tie at 9 points for everyone not named Daniel Garcia. I’ll leave it up to AEW to sort out the tiebreakers in that wild scenario.

For Bryan and Andrade, as long as they don’t lose their final match, they will advance to the semifinal round. Kingston can advance if he beats Andrade, Bryan doesn’t lose to Claudio, and Garcia doesn’t lose to King. Castagnoli can advance if he beats Bryan, Andrade doesn’t lose to Kingston, and Garcia doesn’t lose to King. King might be able to advance if he ends up in a three-way tie for second place with one of Kingston/Castagnoli and one of Bryan/Andrade, or perhaps in the crazy 5-way tie scenario, but AEW hasn’t explained what happens in these situations. This is not an exhaustive list of all the possibilities, it’s just one way each man can advance to the next round.

Which two men from the Blue League do you think will advance to the semifinal round of the Continental Classic?

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