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AEW Collision Winter is Coming results, live blog (Dec. 16, 2023): Big Blue League matches


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Dec. 16) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas. It will continue the company’s build toward their Worlds Ends PPV on Long Island at the end of the month.

That includes, of course, action from the Blue League of the Continental Classic. Bryan Danielson and Brody King will wrestle for the first time ever as both look to bounce back from defeats. Claudio Castagnoli looks to stave off elimination against group leader Andrade El Ídolo, while Eddie Kingston tries to keep his comeback going against winless Daniel Garcia.

Plus, Orange Cassidy defends the International title against Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


It’s Saturday night, and we’re fighting. Unless you’re my Pittsburgh Steelers, then you fold like little... anyway, let’s Collide.

The Continental Classic Blue Leaguers each get a few seconds to speak on their matches tonight, as does the International champion. Orange Cassidy “doesn’t know what this is” though.

Tony Schiavone reminds us about the C2 rules, then Kevin Kelly updates us on the standings in each League. Nigel McGuinness runs down tonight’s tournament cards (complete with his usual dig at the “brittle-boned” American Dragon).

We check in with the Spanish Language announce team as the Blue League leader makes his entrance. Hi Thunder Rosa!

Claudio Castagnoli (3) vs. Andrade El Ídolo (9) (Continental Classic Blue League Match)

Castagnoli shoves Andrade rather than shake his hand at the start, as he’s still hot about him targeting his Blackpool Combat Club teammate Danieson’s eye injury last week. El Ídolo evades and does his tranquilo bit in the ropes, baiting Claudio into charging him and ending up on the floor. He hits a big clothesline back in the ring and seems to be in a good position, but ends up being on the receiving end of the first cover after a splash.

Andrade tries for a Figure Four, then grabs the ropes to stop a Big Swing attempt. He ends up outside, and when El Ídolo flies to follow him he leaps into a European Uppercut. Castagnoli in control, but he’s selling a leg injury and Andrade targets it. Claudio hits a pop-up European as we go picture-in-picture.

Big Swiss still in control when we get back to full screen. El Ídolo’s first attempt to take back control is thwarted, but his second attempt is successful... for a moment anyway. Castagnoli swings him into a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. He gets free and gets right into the Figure Four, and Claudio is pain. He’s able to drag himself to the bottom rope to force the break, however.

Andrade climbs and pulls the turnbuckle pad off in the process. Castagnoli climbs to meet him. They battle there, with El Ídolo coming out on to for an avalanche powerbomb... but he only gets two! He climbs another corner and takes off the whole turnbuckle cover this time. Claudio meets him there, back down as Andrade goes for three amigos. He gets two, counter, and Castagnoli almost gets sent face-first into the exposed turnbuckle.

Andrade connects with a big back elbow, but can only get two. Claudio backs him into one of the corners with the turnbuckles exposed. He drops El Ídolo crotch/knee first on the exposed steel. Referee checks on Andrade and then replaces the pad, and Castagnoli uses the opening to knee Andrade in the family jewels! Gotch Style Piledriver, and Claudio stays alive!

Claudio Castagnoli wins by pinfall , earning three points for a total of six

We get a recap of the Gold League action from Dynamite, and where standings are in that division.

Abadon vs. Jazmin Allure

Quick takedown from the Living Dead Girl at the bell, but Allure fights back — but Abadon no sells it. Running knee, Black Dahlia, and it’s over quick.

Abadon def. Jazmine Allure by pinfall

Lights go out, and the TBS champion is here. Julia Hart walks to Abadon, and drops the belt at her feet. Double-leg takedown from Abadon, the champ gets top position for a couple of strikes, but Abadon flips her over and nails he with a running knee! She grabs the belt, and and here’s Skye Blue? After a staredown, Abadon turns her attention back to Hart, and Blue attacks her from behind!

The apparent allies look to team up against the Living Dead Girl, but Rosa jumps up from commentary to make the save! Her first action in 16+ months is throwing hands with Skye Blue! Thunder and Abadon shake and hug as the heels back up the ramp.

After a break, Renee Paquette is with the Trios champs. The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass are pissed off, and they’re coming for The Devil’s ass. Max Caster even says he no longer wants to be MJF’s friend, because he put them in danger and didn’t care. Top Flight and Action Andretti cut them off to put over their credentials as a trio. Anthony Bowens says they picked the wrong time, but they want to get back to proving they’re the best — so they’re on. That match is next week at the Holiday Bash edition of Collision.

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Bryan Keith (International championship)

Texas is very excited to see fellow Texan the Bounty Hunter. He rides that wave to an early headlock takeover. OC gets free to do the “hand in the pockets” gimmick. Cassidy eats a stiff chop for his trouble, then flinches on a punch that allows Keith to get in an offensive series. He stays in control as we go to commercial.

And he’s still got the champ reeling when we return. Cassidy fights off a bulldog then hits his DDT, and follows it with a dive to the outside. The crowd is chanting “Freshly Squeezed” and Orange soaks that in from the turnbuckles, which allows Keith time to catch up to him. He gets sent down, but sits up Undertaker-style and connects with a leaping headbutt! He tries for a piledriver but Cassidy fights it off and reverses into a Beach Break! One, two... no!

Keith isn’t impressed by Cassidy’s kicks, and answers the superkick with a running knee. Stunner only gets two. He tries for another, Orange ties him up in a three-quarter nelson!

Orange Cassidy def. Bryan Keith via pinfall to retain the International title

OC offers his hand, but the Bounty Hunter slaps it away and tips his cap instead. Cassidy tips his glasses and leaves.

Schiavone notes that today is the late, great Brodie Lee’s birthday.

Miro monologues from a room somewhere about CJ Perry & her client. Andrade’s loss tonight means he’s close to being eliminated from The C2, which means he’s closer to his death at The Redeemer’s hands. He’s fought the light for too long.

After a break, Lexi Nair is talking to Komander about being the last man eliminated in the Survival of the Fittest TV title match at ROH Final Battle last night. Before he can say anthing, Roderick Strong and The Kingdom cut him off with Strong screaming his name. Roddy and Matt Taven put over their success in that match and capturing that title, which is set-up for Strong challenging Komander to a match.

Speaking of guys who killed it on Ring of Honor’s PPV last night, FTR are here. Cash Wheeler has some words for House of Black. He challenges Malakai Black & Buddy Matthews to quit with the supernatural stuff and if they have issues with them, say it to their face. He thinks they’re actually upset that Brody King is doing great in the C2, and jealous that Julia Hart is TBS champ.

Dax Harwood on the mic, and he runs down FTR’s limitations. But despite their flaws, they never back down from a fight. Their microphones get cut off, the lights go out, and Black and Matthews are on the big screen. Buddy says Dax has his wife and kids, and the fans love him, but who loves Wheeler? They do. The fact no one came to FTR’s rescue when they attacked them proves no one in AEW has their back. But House of Black loves Cash. Malakai says they love both of them, and they want to prove it. They produce a photo of Harwood and his family, which gets the Top Guys headed to the back. HoB sets it on fire and drops it in the barrel in front of them.

We get a recap of Keith Lee’s win over Shane Taylor last night, including Lee saying Taylor is not HIM. Then it’s right back to action!

Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale vs. Mercedes Martinez & Diamante in a Texas Street Fight

The faces are dressed as Jules & Vincent from Pulp Fiction, complete with briefcase. Nigel explains as things get violent early, with Stat DDTing Diamante onto a barbed wire bat and Martinez busting Nightingale open with a beer bottle. Kris & Willow carry the ringsteps but are cut off by Diamante, so they drop her on the stairs. Mercedes gets flattened with a ladder she was carrying, and we head into the ring.

A steel pipe attack from Martinez gets them back in control. Statlander is slammed onto some chairs from the ropes, and Mercedes goes to work on Willow as we go PiP. Stat gets the upperhand on Diamante on the small screen, while Nightingale & Martinez battle around a table set-up on the floor.

As soon as we get back, Mercedes puts Statlander through a board set-up on some sawhorses. Willow fights alone against both her opponents, who are trying to put her through a wooden sign in the corner. She gets Martinez out of the ring, and throws Diamante into the board, but it doesn’t break so she does it again. No luck, so she smashes it across her back and it still doesn’t break so she breaks it herself.

Mercedes returns to hit Willow with a chair. Stat’s back in, but the numbers game gets to her. The heels get the briefcase, which they open to reveal is full of tacks. They dump them out and rub Statlander’s face in them! Nightingale back with a steel pipe to clear the ring. She tried to DVD Martinez through a table but Mercedes fights that off, only for Diamante to drop kick her through the table!

Stat has a chain, and takes Diamante out with it! Down in the tacks she covers...

Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale def. Mercedes Martinez & Diamante via pinfall

Renee is with the Women’s World champ & Mariah May. We learn Saraya & Riho will face off on Dynamite to determine who will challenge Timeless Toni Storm at Worlds End. She tells Renee she has no preference who wins. Mariah is asked about her first match. Tony Khan helped her get her American wrestling license, so it should be soon. She wants Storm to do commentary for it, but Toni says she’s very busy. The champ does hope Saraya and Riho rip each others hair out, gouge each others eyes out, and slap each others tits off, so whoever she faces on Long Island is a blind, titless baldie!

Adam Copeland gets a video package to talk about his match with Christian Cage two weeks ago on Dynamite. It gave him a taste for gold, so he wants a TNT title rematch at Worlds End. A No DQ match!

Brian Cage vs. Kairi Wright

CAGE SMASH! This took about a minute, and only because The Machine wanted it to.

Brian Cage def. Kair Wright via pinfall

Nair talks to Mogul Embassy about their ROH Trios title defense last night, and Cage’s win. They put over Swerve Strickland’s success in the C2 and their own wins, and then dance off to Prince Nana’s favorite tune. But Keith Lee shows up to tell them to tell HIM that time is running out... are we finally getting Swerve vs. Lee?

Eddie Kingston (3) vs. Daniel Garcia (0) (Continental Classic Blue League Match)

Daddy Magic joins commentary to talk about his (former?) teammate. Kingston drives Garcia into the corner at the bell, which leads to a big exchange of chops. Menard wants Garcia to make it a technical wrestling match, but Danny connects with a chop to the throat, then slams Eddie to the floor with a dragon screw leg whip off the apron.

Back in the ring, Garcia targets the leg. Kingston kicks him away and slams him down as he sells the leg. Big DDT from the Mad King as we go to commercials. He’s still in the driver’s seat when we get back, delivering machine gun chops in the corner but Garcia asks for me! At the next break, Danny dances which brings another flurry from Eddie. That one puts his down and Garcia dances some more. Kingston charges in, and Garcia is back on his feet! A flurry lead to a boot wash in the corner. He takes Eddie down and goes after the injured leg. Ankle lock, it’s in deep, but Kingston gets to the bottom rope!

Garcia sizes him up, Eddie to his feet, Daniel charges but gets thrown into the turnbuckles. Backfist, one, two... no! Menard is celebrating like he kicked out as Kingston gets to his feet. He scoops Garcia up but it’s reversed. Eddie’s knee buckles, so he gets kicked in the face. They trade strikes as both men are gassed. Garcia drop kick to Kingston’s knee. Fallaway slam from Garcia, but Eddie pops up for another backfist to end it!

Eddie Kingston wins by pinfall, earning three points for a total of six

After a break, we’re right into the main event at quarter to ten ET...

Bryan Danielson (6) vs. Brody King (6) (Continental Classic Blue League Match)

The Dragon immediately attacks Kings lower body with kicks, and has quite a bit of success. Almost as importantly, he manages to evade Brody’s attempt to grab him... for a time. The bigger man eventually catches him, gouges at the surgical scar, and takes control. CANNONBALL! Referee Paul Turner checks on Bryan, who wants to continue... so King smashes him face first into the announce desk. Brody rolls in to break the count, then heads outside to whip Danielson into the barricade so hard it bends.

A barking Brody crossbodies Bryan into the barricade as we go PiP. Danielson is still getting mauled when we return, with his eye patch gone and blood streaming down his face for the second straight week. King sets him up for another crossbody into the barricade, but Dragon evades, drop toe hold sends the big man crashing into the steel! Big knee, and the action heads back inside.

More leg kicks, and Danielson gets King up in the corner. They battle there, and Bryan ends up getting dropped crotch-first on the top rope. Big lariat and Bryan is down, one, two... no! King charges for another cannonball, but the Dragon springs up and drops him with another toe hold. Turner checks on him, but he waves him off. More leg kicks drop Brody, they’re followed up with kicks to the face but King won’t stay down for three!

Hammer-and-anvil elbows, but Brody won’t stay down, and answers back with a DVD. Danielson kicks out. He comes back with a Baisuke Knee, but King kicks out at one! More kicks, Bryan lines him up for another knee but runs into a lariat! Not quite, another nearfall. Each man regroups, Danielson gets most off one running knee, then fully lands another. He wants a third, waiting for Brody to get to his knees, and then connects! King gets his arm up, but just a second after Turner slaps the mat a third time.

Bryan Danielson wins by pinfall, earning three points for a total of nine

The announce crew runs down next week’s C2 match-ups for the last week of round robin action before the League finals on Dec. 27.

That’s the show, folks.

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