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The Devil showed up on Dynamite to direct an assault on Hangman Page

On Dec. 13’s Winter is Coming edition of AEW Dynamite, Samoa Joe wasted no time addressing last week’s Devil attack on MJF. He marched to the ring and, given that a beer bottle was found next to the AEW World champion’s unconscious body (that, and the smell of “Stetson & regret” he whiffed at the scene of the crime), began to call out the obvious suspect.

But before he could even say Hangman Page’s full name, the Anxious Millennial Cowboy appeared.

Page challenged Joe to get to the point. Then, just when it appeared the scene might get violent, Roderick Strong cut in to make his case that MJF is The Devil. It was a compelling argument, but it was left hanging when things did get physical between Roddy and Page to start their scheduled match.

Roddy’s allies in The Kingdom interfered early and often in that one, but Page fought through that to beat Strong with Deadeye. And it seemed that would be all the advancement we got in The Devil mystery tonight... until a scene after the main event.

We cut to a scene outside the arena, with black-clad and black-masked goons putting the boots to Hangman. A figure was watching from a car nearby, and when he stepped out we saw it was The Devil. He nodded to his boys, and they slammed Page onto the windshield of the car before the show ended (here in the States, with an awkward but hilarious transition to Modern Family).

Guess we can rule Hangman out. Who do you think The Devil is? I still think it’s Adam Cole. But it looked like that was real glass on the car, so I guess we can’t rule Jack Perry out.

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