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Being The Elite recreates Montreal Screwjob

Well, technically it’s Being the Dark Order now. But they definitely did their version of the Screwjob — and the ‘Bret Hart: Wrestling with Shadows’ doc, too!

Being The Elite is under new management of the Dark Order for Being The Dark Order. The latest episode had a callback to one of professional wrestling’s most infamous moments. The Montreal Screwjob!

The Montreal Scewjob occurred when Bret Hart was screwed out of the WWF Championship losing to Shawn Michaels. Vince McMahon ordered the referee to go off script and call the match on a submission without Hart knowing the plan.

AEW visited Montreal last week, and the Dark Order were in the mood for a screwjob. The victim was Kip Sabian with the BTE Championship. The story played out through several segments during the episode.

Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver chatted about ideas to make BTDO a success. They needed the BTE Championship back and decided that Silver would make a good champion. The wheels were in motion to set up a title match.

Sabian met with Uno behind closed doors to discuss the championship. Sabian wore a wire, so we could hear the conversation. Uno decided it would be best for business for Sabian to drop the title. Sabian protested, because the BTE Championship was the one shoot title in wrestling. Sabian had no problem losing the belt to Silver as long as the competition was legitimate. Sabian also voiced his desire not to drop the title in Montreal. He would have no problem doing it next week in Texas. Uno agreed to those terms as a man of his word.

When it came time for the contest, the method of competition was thumb wrestling. Referee Rick Knox was brought in to officiate. He added an extra stipulation at the last second that the thumb wrestling match could be won by submission. Sabian and Silver locked hands for a thumb stalemate. All of a sudden, Silver dropped low for a takedown and applied the Sharpshooter. Uno ordered Knox to call the submission. Sabian spit in Uno’s face as Silver scurried away with the BTE Championship.

The final BTDO scene was a shot for shot recreation of the Montreal Screwjob aftermath from the 1998 documentary Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows. Watch the video clip for a comparison.

Enjoy the full episode of Being The Dark Order with the BTDO screwjob in Montreal, Dalton Castle’s peacock transmission, Daddy Magic preventing Anna Jay from reuniting with the Dark Order perverts, and more wackiness.

How do you rate the BTDO recreation of the Montreal Screwjob?

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