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Here’s what Tony Khan can legally say about CM Punk


With tickets going on sale this week for their return to Wembley Stadium for next August’s All In PPV, AEW owner Tony Khan and some of his biggest stars have been doing a lot of interviews. And since CM Punk — who was fired from AEW after this year’s All In, where he had a backstage altercation with fellow wrestler Jack Perry that involved Khan — returned to WWE last Saturday night (Nov. 25) at Survivor Series, many of those interviews have included questions about Punk.

Lawyers were reportedly involved in Punk’s dealings with Khan & AEW management throughout his eventful run with the company. Most assumed there would be non-disclosure and disparagement agreements on both sides after they finally went their separate ways. Khan said as much the first time he was asked about Punk’s reunion with WWE, saying it wasn’t something he could “legally talk about”.

But given another chance by the New York Post’s Joseph Staszewski, Khan had a little more to say. Staszweski gave him a little more room to speak on Punk by asking AEW’s head honcho about “the positive contribution Punk made during his two-plus years in the company”. Khan, who proudly trumpeted Punk’s drawing ability for AEW during his run, still praised him while specifying that he wasn’t solely responsible:

“The First Dance was an incredible moment in wrestling and was part of a very important time in AEW. All Out 2021, along with All In, are our biggest pay-per-views of all time and we’ve had a lot of great success as a company as a team and in some of the most exciting times, CM Punk has been a big part of that team.”

“Team” isn’t a word many of us would use to describe AEW’s locker room during Punk’s tenure, but again, Khan’s likely not allowed to say anything negative. And this bit of promotional spin does acknowledge some positives from Punk’s time in the company.

Plus, it sounds a lot better than “my lawyers tell me I can’t say anything”.

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