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MJF’s next AEW world title defense is against a rising prospect

All Elite Wrestling

MJF is changing his stripes. A man that once prided himself on wrestling as little as possible is now taking on all comers. Well, almost all comers. Samoa Joe is still waiting for his rematch. In the meantime, MJF was called out by a rising prospect, and he accepted the challenge.

Daniel Garcia was feeling big for his britches after defeating Trent Beretta on Rampage, so the sports entertainer called out the world champ. He wanted to jump the line to challenge the biggest dog.

MJF answered via social media.

This company was built on the backs of young men who chose to be ELITE. Well Danny. You want a brush with greatness. I just got off the phone with our boss. This Wednesday night. The present will defend his title against the future. You’re on.

Tony Khan made it official for Dynamite on November 8 in Portland, Oregon.

This is an uncharacteristic move from MJF. I can’t help but wonder if Kenny Omega’s words last week hit a nerve of pride for the champ. Omega passed the torch to Maxwell in a post-match promo after the show.

The context is MJF defeating Omega relatively clean in a world title defense on Collision. Omega discussed how time is not his friend. His athletic condition is not what it used to be. Omega wasn’t sure he could call himself the Best Bout Machine anymore. That was a sad reality for a period of time, because there was nobody to take his place. Now, Omega can say goodbye with a smile, because we have people like MJF who can carry the ball further than he ever could.

MJF is proving he is the blood, sweat, and tears of AEW by taking on the increased workload.

What’s your reaction to MJF versus Daniel Garcia for the AEW World Championship?

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