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AEW Collision results, live blog (Nov. 4, 2023): 69 Day Celebration


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Nov. 4) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas. It will continue the company’s build toward their Full Gear PPV later this month in Los Angeles.

Tonight, The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass celebrate 69 Days as AEW Trios champions — and probably also the fact they scissored World champ MJF earlier this week.

Plus, FTR & LFI’s RUSH & Preston Vance team up to take on AEW Tag titleholders Ricky Starks & Big Bill and two-thirds of the new ROH Trios champs Gates of Agony, one time allies Swerve Strickland & AR Fox do battle, Darby Allin returns to action to take on Lance Archer... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


It’s a good night for a fight, cause it’s Saturday. That’s per Elton John.

The usual Collision open featuring brief promos from everyone on the show tonight. Swerve Strickland’s promo was interrupted by AR Fox flying out of nowhere to attack him, and they went right into the open as they were battling all around backstage.

As the theme faded into the show, we saw Fox and Swerve battling out onto the ramp with the music still playing. Quite a start!

Swerve Strickland vs. AR Fox

Fox was all over Swerve early on, a full on blitz of offense. Funny enough, the crowd was doing the “whose house? Swerve’s house!” bit while this was going on. Once Swerve got control, the Gates of Agony walked down to hang ringside.

Swerve was getting in Fox’s face telling him “you’ve always failed” so Fox slapped him hard. He got the 450 splash for two, and stayed on the attack for some time. When Swerve came back, he did so with a kick to the head. Then the double footstomp and that was it.

Swerve Strickland def. AR Fox via pinfall

After the match, the entire crew acted like they were going to attack Fox so FTR hit the scene to kick off a brawl. Ricky Starks and Big Bill joined the fray, and then LFI showed up to get everyone involved.

The heels begged off and then FTR tried to shake hands with LFI, but instead Rush and his crew slapped them on the shoulder and walked by. They did acknowledge them, however.

House of Black was shown watching all this play out in the stands.

They show comments from Dynamite this past Wednesday night, with MJF screaming his head off about Jay White being a pretender, calling him a dipshit and how he’s the one who makes stars. Google trends shows that White’s name is a straight line and his is a pyramid.

Meanwhile, Juice Robinson and the rest of the Bang Bang Gang was singing about Jay pinning MJF. White said “we told you so.” And, again, he just pinned MJF. He thinks the Collision Cowboys have earned a break from Collision, but they’ll be back next week on Dynamite.

Guns up.

Kip Sabian interviewed. He says he’s pissed off about Rampage two weeks ago, when he was attacked by Mark Briscoe. But The Workhorsemen are ready to deliver payback if he can find two people who look like him to team with.

Also, they’re sex stallions or something like that.

Roderick Strong demands the music be cut. He says the fans don’t take neck health seriously and they don’t take him seriously. He won’t stand for that. Literally.

So Taven and Bennett will be showing everyone on his behalf that neck health is important, and Adam Cole hopefully sees it too.

They completely squash two wrestlers I do not even know. Hilariously enough, Strong hops out of his wheelchair to lay one of them out afterwards, only to go falling back to the wheelchair.

Mark Briscoe interviewed backstage and asked if he’s got two partners. FTR roll up and say they’ll pull double duty tonight and be his partners but he insists he’s got two people already.

Lexi asks who those two are and he says he cannot divulge that information. But we won’t want to miss it.

Darby Allin vs. Lance Archer

Archer used his size early, picking Allin up and putting him on the top turnbuckle to taunt him, telling him “come get some, bitch.” Darby rushed him and ended up getting rocked for it. Just too much size to overcome. Archer just kept beating him up, inside and outside the ring.

Allin got a few brief hope spots but Archer just repeatedly threw him around, choke slamming him and then doing it again only on the apron and out of the ring. Jake Roberts made like he was going to attack Darby with the skateboard, so the referee threw him out of the match.

Allin finally came back by biting and putting his thumbs in Archer’s eyes. Then he hit a destroyer off the top rope and managed to get the three count off that.

Darby Allin def. Lance Archer via pinfall

Archer was slapping the mat pissed off about the loss while Allin kept selling the beating he took. Roberts came back out with a mic saying he didn’t come to this fight with only one piece of artillery. He’s got a couple more guys.

The Righteous made their entrance. Roberts said they know how to get the job done, so how about Allin gets ready to go straight to hell. Vincent said a few words and Archer attacked from behind.

Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale requested some time to be able to talk to Skye Blue. Kris said thank you for making the right decision and sticking by their side. Blue said she did it for Willow because she always has her back.

And good luck tonight.

Statlander made sure to tell Willow she also has her back, and Willow made like they are all good friends and all is great.

Time for The Acclaimed’s celebration.

Max Caster rapped about liking to scissors while Wichita likes the Shockers. Oh yes, very clever.

Daddy Ass cracked some jokes with the crowd, about some guy saying he wants him to be his daddy and some lady saying it’s her first time scissoring. He said that’s probably a lie, but all good. Anyway, the day is special because they’ve been champions for 69 days.

Off goes the pink and white confetti.

They surprise Caster with a clip and it’s MJF who says Max has earned his respect. It was pretty cool that he took a bullet for him on Dynamite. He’s kinda starting to grow on him, like a fungus, but it’s happening. He’s not gonna say he loves The Acclaimed like everyone else but he’s kinda sorta starting to like them.

Caster blushes and says thanks to everyone for making this happen. They’ve put in a lot of hard work and it’s culminated in their being at the top of the trios division. Caster promises to make it 69 more, and then 69 more, and then 69 more. Bowens cuts in and says they have to go now. Daddy Ass cuts in to say he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to 69 everyone in the building.

Ha ha, he he.

They try to say goodbye but Dalton Castle & The Boys interrupt.

Some joking around with The Boys. They grab the trophy and Castle slowly lifts it up and throws it to the ground. That kicks off a brawl all around the ring while Bowens loudly wonders why he would do that.

The bell rings and a match starts.

The Acclaimed vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys

The ring is cleared out, a pinata is there, and they go to break with The Acclaimed breaking it open and throwing things out to the fans. Once they came back, The Acclaimed were back in control and Daddy Ass was hitting the Fame-Ass-Er, before a Mic Drop and the pin.

The Acclaimed def. Dalton Castle & The Boys via pinfall

Andrade interviewed.

He’s asked if he’s put any more consideration into CJ Perry’s offer. He said he told everyone last week it’s his business and no one else. But next week he’ll give his answer to CJ face-to-face.

Kip Sabian & The Workhorsemen vs. Mark Briscoe & Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee

Briscoe made his entrance before standing at the top of the ramp and waiting for his two teammates, who turned out to be Rhodes and Lee. Solid pops for both.

They spent quite a while getting the heat on with Briscoe taking a beating until it was time for the big babyface comeback. They did a couple of fun spots flying around and to the outside, and it ultimately ended with Briscoe scoring the pin on Sabian after the Froggy Bow.

Mark Briscoe & Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee def. Kip Sabian & The Workhorsemen via pinfall

After a break, Briscoe interviewed backstage and he said he’s feeling good. He hasn’t been around but he’s been watching and he sees an imposter in Jay White. He’s beaten him up multiple times in tag team action, so how about they square up again on Dynamite in singles action and White puts his title shot at Full Gear on the line?

Emi Sakura vs. Willow Nightingale

Early during the match, Kevin Kelly said “did you hear that? Tony Khan just made that match official!” We did not hear that, because nothing was said, Kev.

Willow and Sakura, meanwhile, fought everywhere, including a big Death Valley Driver on the outside. They worked to a stalemate and then exchanged shots. Willow got a close two with a spinebuster, took the straps down, and then hit the Doctor Bomb for the finish.

Willow Nightingale def. Emi Sakura via pinfall

Samoa Joe interviewed.

He’s now officially the longest reigning ROH television champion. He hasn’t heard back from MJF yet so he says MJF needs to come to the realization that he needs someone like him. Until he does, he’ll endure pain week after week.

As for his run with the title, it’s been great and he’s beaten everyone they’ve put in front of him. Keith Lee shows up to say he hasn’t beaten him, so Joe offers up a match on Dynamite next week. Lee agrees and they stare each other down.

Main event time.

Ricky Starks & Big Bill & Gates of Agony vs. LFI & FTR

It was an eight-man tag team match, so after some early fun spots like Rush running Ricky Starks to the barricade on every side of the ring, it broke down fairly quickly with everyone getting involved in the action and bodies everywhere. The finish saw Rush do FTR’s spot in place of Wheeler, who seemed confused and maybe not happy but he did a big dive to the outside to help ensure the babyface team won.

After, FTR once again tried to shake hands and LFI once again bailed out of the ring without doing so.

LFI bailed to the back and FTR were left in the ring.

House of Black had a promo air on the big screen, saying no one cares about FTR anymore but them and they’ll beat some sense into them. When the lights come back up, House of Black is behind FTR and they attack. As they’re doing so, Blackpool Combat Club comes rushing out to make the save.

Claudio Castagnoli came close to getting Malakai Black with the Swing but House of Black all managed to bail out and that’s how the show closed.


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