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Ric Flair is cleared to take bumps in AEW

That per The Nature Boy himself, although the 74 year doesn’t think he’ll wrestle for Tony Khan’s company... even though he wants to.

Ric Flair’s Last Match Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Ric Flair debuted for AEW last week, showing up for a run that’s tied to the rest of Sting’s career — which is set to end at Revolution 2024, likely in late February or early March. And yesterday (Nov. 2), we learned that Flair will be in business with Tony Khan’s company for at least two years as AEW’s made the Nature Boy’s Wooooo! their official energy drink.

So, other than standing by Sting’s side (and if history’s taught us anything, quite possibly stabbing The Icon in the back)... what else will Naitch be doing in an AEW ring.

He told PWInsider that he doesn’t think he’ll have his latest last match with his new promotion, but that doesn’t mean the 74 year old won’t get knocked down in service of an angle:

“No, I don’t think I will [return to the ring as past of his AEW run]. If you’re asking me if I want to? [Laughs] I have to be careful what I say because it never comes out [correctly].

“I just made it very clear to everybody that I can take bumps. I have a doctor’s release to do anything I want like that.”

Sounds like we can at least expect to see somebody get a Figure Four slapped on them at some point. And don’t completely rule out a match, either. Flair couldn’t even finish his answer before admitting he’s just waiting for Tony Khan to ask..

“Do I think I’ll wrestle again? No. Would I like to? Obviously. [Laughs] I’m never going to say no. There you go. [Laughs]”

Maybe Naitch will Sting’s last match? Unless anybody want to see Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal try to get their win back from Andrade & his father-in-law, that is.

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