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Adam Copeland had three words for Christian’s completely BS reunion pitch

Adam Copeland challenged Christian Cage to a TNT title match on Dec. 6 in Montreal, and on Nov. 29 in Minneapolis Cage was supposed to answer that challenge.

The champ came out to the ring with five security guards, understandable since the former Edge has been taking out Christian’s “sons” Killswitch and The Prodigy Nick Wayne — and anyone else who’s gotten in between him and his former partner. He asked the Rated R Superstar to join him in the ring.

When that finally happened, Christian dismissed the security and... apologized.

Cage denied it was because his lackeys were taken out by Con-Chair-Tos, and recounted some of his long history with Copeland. He even went to the dead/absent father well, but it was to talk about how his own dad thinks of Adam as one of his sons. Christian finally appealed to Copeland’s late mother, saying she wanted to see them tag together one last time. But when fka Edge seemed to consider it, the champ went to clock him with his belt. Cope had that scouted though, and nailed Cage with a low blow.

After revealing that their match is on for next week’s Dynamite, and vowing to take the TNT title from him, Copeland had one last message for The Patriarch. With the TBS censor apparently asleep at the switch, Cope returned the favor to his former partner and told him: “go fuck yourself”.

Excited for E vs. C next week?

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