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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Nov. 29, 2023): Swerve vs. Switchblade


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TBS.

This week’s episode comes our way from, the Target Center in Minneapolis, and will feature build toward next month’s Worlds End PPV!

That includes the latest Gold League action in the Continental Classic tournament, with matches between Swerve Strickland & Jay White, Jon Moxley & Jay Lethal, and RUSH & Mark Briscoe — with Blue League competitor Bryan Danielson on commentary. Plus, The Patriarch Christian Cage is going to respond to his old tag partner Adam Copeland’s challenge to put the TNT title on the line, Julia Hart puts the TBS title on the line against Emi Sakura, and more!

Come right back here at 8pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


I’m trapped in a castle of illusions out in space, no more illusions. Out in a jorney, on a mission for the human race to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you folks.

The show opens with “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson joining the commentary booth.

Jay Lethal (0) vs. Jon Moxley (3) (Continental Classic Gold League Match)

Feeling out, Moxley decks him with a back elbow, Lethal gets an early figure four but Jon rolls the whole hold out to the floor and the break! Back inside, mounted punches in the corner, Jay slips out, shinbreaker, dragon screw, Mox bites him, but Lethal is able to go back to it, shinbreaker, back suplex, ankle wringer, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Jay with an ankle lock, Moxley returns an Ace Crusher but he’s slow to capitalize! Fired up, looking for a piledriver, Lethal puts him in the corner, jockeying for position, avalanche dragon screw! Trading elbows, Jon drops him with a huge lariat and he’s fired up!

Back to the figure four leglock, grinding Mox down, he gets the ropes to force the break, but collapses to avoid the Lethal Injection! Paradigm Shift connects! Big lariat, stump piledriver, only a nearfall! Grabbing a sleeper...

Jon Moxley wins by submission with a bodyscissors sleeper hold, earning three more points.

We get a Collision promo from Eddie Kingston about how he knew the tournament was gonna be tough and maybe he came in too arrogant and too cocky, putting his belts in like he deserves to win. He’s got Bryan next and now he’s behind the eight ball and he’s not gonna go back. Humble in victory, humble in defeat.

Bryan Danielson fires back from commentary about how he’s coming in hot even with a surgically repaired eye, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Tony Schiavone hypes up Revolution 2024, on March 3.

What better place for Sting’s final match than Greensboro, South Carolina, at the Greensboro Coliseum. 38 years ago he fought Ric Flair for the world title there, and now he’ll end his career there.

Tony introduces Sting and Ric. Sting says he never would have guessed he be standing here now after all that, a 45-minute draw, and Flair says the words cannot be spoken with the volume and emphasis as to what’s going to happen at Revolution in the place where Sting made himself.

He’s 74 years old, he’s lucky, he’s standing next to the Icon, he works for Tony Khan, he works with Tony Schiavone, and now he’s honored to go back to Greensboro and be at Sting’s side for the end.

Mark Briscoe (0) vs. Rush (0) (AEW Continental Classic Gold League Match)

Trading chops with aggression early, corner body avalanche from Rush, charging heel kick from Briscoe! Putting boots to El Toro Blanco, Rush returns the favor! Action to the floor, trading hard chops against the barricades, Mark off the apron with that Nestea Plunge!

Back inside, back and forth, Briscoe with a huge lariat and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Briscoe gets an exploder suplex, charges into a belly-to-belly suplex! Mark with a spear... SO CLOSE! Rush baits him into the corner, drops him with a chop, big back elbow, fired up, corner dropkick does it...

Rush wins by pinfall with a corner dropkick, earning three points.

Backstage, RJ City interviews Toni Storm about her championship celebration and tells her she’s got a title defense next week.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his entrance, walking with a cane.

He says Samoa Joe is his hardest challenge ever, and as a person he doesn’t like him, but professionally he respects him, what he’s done in the business, and that he didn’t come here to line his pockets but because he believes in AEW. Back in the early 2000s he got a TNA Wrestling poster and tuned in and couldn’t be happier.

He saw insane feats of athleticism, new wrestlers, and most of all, he saw the Samoan Submission Machine. Joe may have looked unconventional, but he didn’t care and neither did we, because we knew he was the baddest man walking on God’s gree earth. Unfortunately later in his career he wasn’t afforded the opportunity to be a world champion in WWE.

But what Joe did for this sport was bigger than that, and he proved you don’t need to be a bodybuilder to be a top guy in this sport. Samoa Joe broke the mold and proved alternatives matter, and because of the road he paved, MJF can stand before you today. Without a guy like Joe, there may be no AEW, so as much as it pains him, he wants to thank Joe.

However, while very grateful to go down the road he paved, Max isn’t too shabby himself. He paved a road of his own and built a new alternative, and he’s been in AEW since day one and built it brick by brick. December 30th isn’t about Joe, it’s about MJF and if he can outlast the final boss of this sport one last time.

He doesn’t care how bad his body falls apart, if Joe is King Kong and Godzilla incarnate, because he promises on December 30 that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog, and if Samoa wants to take what’s his, he’ll have to put him down.

MJF snaps the cane over his knee!

The lights go down and start strobing! The Devil’s goons hit the ring and hold MJF in place, but Joe makes the save as he promised!

Text types out across the screen, saying in the shadows the game begins, and Joe and Max will face the unknown in a tag match. Is MJF a hero?

Max is sick of the Scooby Doo bullshit and he won’t deal with their crap while Joe is breathing down his neck, so he’ll take them out one by one and and unmask the devil, and if he wants a tag match, he’s on. Joe is upset about it but MJF tells him off and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary talks about the Devil’s seeming control over the lighting rig and so on and confirms that Tony Khan has made the tag match official.

AR Fox vs. Wardlow

Brawling before the bell, Fox using his speed, kickflip moonsault caught and Wardlow slams him on the apron! We get a bell, Mr. Mayhem slams him across the damn ring! Fox rallies but Wardlow cuts him off with lariats, and soon the inevitable...

Wardlow wins by referee stoppage with a Last Ride.

Action Andretti & Top Flight (Dante & Darius Martin) vs. Brother Zay & Hardy Boyz (Jeff & Matt Hardy)

Matt and Andretti to start, back and forth, tag to Jeff, stalemate, shift to Darius and Zay, arm drags and legsweeps, dropkick takes Kassidy off his feet! Tag to Dante, Awesome Clothesline, stalling senton, quick tags, Action off the top with a double stomp to the arm as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Hardyz putting boots to Andretti, Action comes back with a kick combo to take Matt down. Dante tags in, Zay in as well, Martin running hot, to the apron, pop over, enzuigiri, springboard splash... SO CLOSE! Darius with a springboard reverse STO on Hardy, Zay gets a schoolboy for two, follows it with a lariat!

Poetry in Motion on Dante, double dropkick Doomsday Device... MARTIN KICKS OUT! To the floor ,stacking them up, Martin steps up and takes Jeff out, Andrett has Matt, back inside, Dante and Zay going at it, Darius slides back in, waistlock, Brother slips free at first but eats a German suplex...

Action Andretti & Top Flight win by pinfall with a full nelson slam from Dante Martin on Brother Zay.

Backstage, Renee Paquette interviews Action Andretti and Top Flight, but Penta el Zero M rolls up to offer a fist bump to Dante.

Penta counts the three of them, and then brings out Komander and Hijo del Vikingo and counts the three of them.

Emi Sakura vs. Julia Hart (c) (AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match)

Hart with a back elbow, snapmare, kick to the spine but Sakura shrugs it off. Throwing chops, action to the floor, Emi blasts her into the steel steps and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Sakura shrugging chops off, underhooks, delay, letting the blood rush into Hart’s head before completing the butterfly backbreaker! Another one but Julia floats over and grabs a sleeper hold! Falling to the mat to a figure four headscissors, commentary informing us the House Rules are that submissions don’t finish the match.

Romero Special counters, up top for the moonsault, back and forth...

Julia Hart wins by pinfall with a moonsault, retaining the AEW TBS Championship.

Mariah May is interviewed and she thanks RJ City for introducing her to Toni Storm and it means the world to her.

Christian Cage makes his entrance and gets on the mic in a ring full of security.

He calls Adam Copeland out and says they’re not going to make it to Montreal for the match he challenged him to. He says he recently took a road trip to figure out why he’s become the man he is and why he does such unsavory things, and it reminded him of borrowing his mom’s car early in his career but they didn’t care about being broke.

He doesn’t care that Adam grew up with a single mom and not having a father figure, and he’s not suggesting he is his father, but he is his brother, and his father became Adam’s father. To this day his dad is still Copeland’s biggest fan, and they weren’t two random guys thrown together, he loves him.

When Edge’s mom passed away a few years ago that was the hardest time of his life, she said she’d love to see them team one last time, and on that drive he started thinking about it and he wants to do it for her and go on this journey again as a tag team, just like he said, for Judy.

Copeland looks away thinking about it, Christian rears up the title belt, but Adam has him scouted with a knee to the gentleman’s area! He tells him it was a nice try but he needs to shine the TNT title up real nice because next week she’s coming home with him.

And by the way, he almost forgot— go fuck yourself.

And so we go to break.

“Switchblade” Jay White (3) vs. Shane “Swerve” Strickland (3) (Continental Classic Gold League Match)

To the floor, Strickland throwing White into the barricade, back inside, Jay with chops, targeting the injured shoulder, Switchblade snaps his arm over the top rope, back to the floor and Swerve back suplexes him into the barricade! Back inside, Jay picking at the leg, hamstring kick sets up a hanging DDT and we go to break!

Back from commercial, White with a mat slam, hammerlock, mat slam, waistlock, Saito suplex, drawing Strickland back up, half-halch hard into the turnbuckles for a nearfall! Tossing back suplex from Shane, fighting back into it, pop-up tijeras, jumping reverse STO, deadlift vertical suplex... NOPE!

White with a DDT, a German suplex, Swerve pops up with a big lariat and both men are down and out! Jay with a chop block, big uranage, Strickland comes back, looking for the Ode to Jim Breaks armbreaker and he gets it! Sidestep, Jay stops short of running referee Bryce Remsburg over, Shane with a capture backbreaker! House Call, up top... WHITE KICKS OUT OF THE SWERVE STOMP!

Front chancery, Jay snaps off Blade Runner but Swerve rolls out of the ring! Back inside, shoulder armbreaker from Strickland, schoolboy from White for two! Jackknife pin, no good! Another Blade Runner attempt, reversed, JML Driver blocked, trading chops in the middle of the ring!

Sleeper suplex from Switchblade, Shane reverses...

Shane Strickland wins by pinfall with a crucifix pin, earning three more points.

That’s the show, folks.

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