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Cody Rhodes one of many singing QT Marshall’s praises after AEW resignation

QT Marshall’s resignation from AEW has managed to generate a lot of discussion this week, even as another former Tony Khan employee dominates the headlines. The departure of an AEW original and member of the management team has also drawn a lot of reactions from people he worked with on Dynamite, Dark, Elevation, Rampage & Ring of Honor.

First and foremost, his partner in the Nightmare Factory wrestling school and someone many figure will factor into Marshall’s next move, Cody Rhodes posted the following:

[QT] Did the work - was essential in making so many memories for fans & has been so instrumental in helping countless wrestlers. A pros’ PRO. We almost became friends ha. I can’t wait to see what you do next! An OG and outstanding “num 2” through his tenure. Congratulations QT on the run so far.

Rhodes was one of many with positive things to say about Marshall and his work for AEW (since, like Cody’s, many of these are were posted along with QT’s resignation, we’ve copied & pasted the new message along with a link to X/Twitter).

Powerhouse Hobbs:

Thank you for that text in 2020.
Thank you for being the first person to notice.
Thank you for never pulling punches with me.
Thank you for being there for the best and worst moments of my life.


Insane work ethic, pure passion, awesome talent and a legitimate desire to succeed. That’s what you are brother… I’m gonna miss you! You will be a winner no matter what you do.

Thunder Rosa:

You are probably one of the realest people I know @QTMarshall and I will always be appreciative of that! Good luck with everything!

Brian Cage:

Enjoyed so many aspects from you backstage, the similar approach to squash matches(or lack there of) and witnessing you train wrestlers, which is an entirely different skill than just being good in the ring. Best of luck #muchmorethancodysfriend

Amanda Huber:

I don’t know what the future holds but what I do know is that he hasn’t scratched the surface on the great things he’s going to do.

In a business like wrestling it’s hard to find people as candid as QT.

Beyond thankful for that, his leadership, & his friendship

Shawn Spears:

A man who unselfishly fought for many, including myself, behind closed doors and whom is always the utmost professional when the bell rings.

I’m proud to call this man a friend. The good ones always land on their feet, and I’m excited for his next chapter.

Jose The Assistant:

This man raised the ranks in the company all while being honest with everyone and helping others.

Insane work ethic, full of advice, a very very smart mind and love for pro wrestling.

Seeing the amount of work he does and always taking on more work is inspiring.

Thank you QT

Dasha Kuret:

Thank you for everything you’ve done QT. You most certainly will be missed.

Alan Angels:

QT is a big reason I am at the level I’m at. Definitely wouldn’t have gotten to where I am without him. One of the best trainers in the world and an awesome wrestler. Excited to see what’s next.

Harley Cameron:

Thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime, I’ve learned a lot from you and am thankful for all the laughs , lessons and memories. QTV will always be the beginning of my adventure in this amazing world of wrestling. You will be very missed by us all


QT was the first person to reach out when the pandemic hit & I found myself without any income.

He asked if I could make the drive to Jacksonville to film a few matches since many people couldn’t travel.

I 100% wouldn’t be where I am without him.

Thanks for everything, QT!

Shawn Dean:

When QT was promoted 3 years ago he believed enough in my hard work that I could take over some of his coordinator duties, which then lead to Special Advisor for #AEWTogether, all while building my in ring career! I owe that to you, your wife, Cody, Brandi, and NF! Thank You!

Lots of rumors about what might be next for Marshall, but nothing official. Whatever he’s looking to do, it seems he won’t want for references.

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