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AEW Rampage & Collision live results, open thread (Nov. 25, 2023): Continental Classic continues


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episodes of AEW Rampage and Collision, airing live tonight (Nov. 25) starting at 7 pm ET on TNT. The show comes our way from the Peterson Events Center in Pittsburgh.

Rampage will feature Wheeler Yuta challenging Katsuyori Shibata for the Ring of Honor Pure championship.

Then at 8 pm ET on Collision, the Continental Classic rolls on as we get our first matches from the Blue League — and they’re good ones! Claudio Castagnoli takes on Daniel Gracia, while Eddie Kingston goes one-on-one with House of Black’s Brody King! Plus, more fallout from last Saturday’s Full Gear PPV, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision (and Rampage) live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


  • Rampage kicks off with Wooooo! Energy in your face. FTW Champion HOOK comes out for the opening match.
  • HOOK defeats Rocky Romero. Rocky played the heel and was described as an international gatekeeper for NJPW. Rocky controlled most of the match and almost put HOOK away twice, but HOOK countered the Sliced Bread into the Redrum submission for the victory.
  • There’s a video hyping up the Rampage main event, which is Katsuyori Shibata defending the ROH Pure championship against Wheeler Yuta. Yuta says he’s a prick who is willing to kick Shibata’s head in and end his career to get that title back.
  • Kris Statlander defeats Diamante. Mercedes Martinez walked down to ringside to watch the match. Diamante had Kris reeling with a face-plant to the mat and multiple roll-ups for near falls. Statlander then caught her with the discus lariat for the win.
  • Mercedes jumps Statlander after the bell and Diamante joins her for a two-on-one beatdown on Statlander. Willow Nightingale runs out for the save, pulling Statlander out of the ring to safety.
  • Daniel Garcia says his confidence is at an all-time low coming into the Continental Classic, given his three consecutive losses. He feels like a loser seeing so many people saying he’s just fodder in this tournament to eat pins for the top guys. Garcia is determined to prove them all wrong.
  • Matt Taven and Mike Bennett cut a promo from the entrance ramp and say Roderick Strong is a hero for surviving Action Andretti’s attempt to murder him last week. They assert that Adam Cole is still Roddy’s best friend, and MJF is The Devil. They want the ROH tag team titles and are coming to win it from MJF.
  • The Kingdom defeats Two jobbers. This was a very quick squash, including one of the jobbers being piledriven onto the ramp.
  • Wheeler Yuta defeats Katsuyori Shibata to become the new ROH Pure champion. Shibata stretches Yuta with multiple bow-and-arrows early on. Shibata cranks on his knee down on the mat until Yuta is forced to use a rope break at 3:17. Yuta is then issued a warning for a closed fist strike to the face. Yuta lays in multiple forearm strikes to Shibata’s face on the mat as we go to commercial. Yuta is chopping Shibata in the corner as we come back from break at 8:10. Shibata fires up and turns the tables, chopping Yuta’s chest into oblivion. He follows up with a running dropkick to Yuta’s head against the turnbuckle. Shibata traps Yuta in an ankle lock, then turns it into an STF as Yuta crawls closer to the ropes. Yuta desperately grabs the rope for his second rope break. Yuta escapes a sleeper hold and dives onto Shibata on the outside.Shibata catches Wheeler with a running boot and rolls him back into the ring. Wheeler tries to cheat with his feet on the ropes for a pin attempt, but Shibata breaks out. Shibata complains to the ref. Yuta nails him with a low blow while the ref isn’t looking and then drops him on his head for the pin fall win.
  • Wheeler is a dick and goes for the handshake after the match. Shibata is understandably upset, so Yuta gives him another low blow and DDT to the mat. HOOK comes out and marches down to the ring, so Wheeler bails and walks back up the ramp gloating about his championship win.
  • Shibata is kneeling down in pain and the commentators say “this is exactly what happened in 2017” as Rampage goes off the air.

  • Collision kicks off with the participants in tonight’s Continental Classic tournament matches explaining why they will win.
  • Claudio Castagnoli defeats Daniel Garcia in the Continental Classic tournament. Garcia tried his best to keep getting up after Claudio’s offensive onslaught, but one final uppercut and powerbomb was enough for Claudio to secure the win. Claudio scores three points in the tournament.
  • Eddie Kingston cuts a promo explaining why the Continental Classic is so important to him.
  • Killswitch defeats The Boys. The former Luchasaurus annihilated these two boys, including a devastating chokeslam over the rope and onto the ring apron. He finished off the other boy with a massive lariat to the back of the head for the pin.
  • After the match is over, Killswitch sets up a steel chair and chokeslams one of the boys onto it. Adam Copeland’s music hits. He comes from behind with a steel chair smashing away at Killswitch. Adam rips off a leg of the chair used it to apply a crossface to Killswitch. Copeland then delivers a conchairto to finish him off. Killswitch is somehow still moving and trying to get up. Copeland gives him a cubstomp and then another conchairto to end him.
  • Copeland erupts backstage after the match, addressing Christian and saying everything that happened to Killswitch and Nick Wayne is Christian’s fault. When Christian said he was going to break Adam’s neck, that’s when he crossed the line. Copeland is now the hunter and he already has two heads in his trophy case. Copeland challenges Christian to a match for the TNT title on the Dec. 6 episode of Dynamite in Montreal.
  • House of Black (Malakai Black & Buddy Matthews) vs. Gravity & Komander. Komander nailed his running rope dive onto House of Black late in the match. The babyfaces tried to follow up with stereo splashes inside the ring, but The House got their knees up. Gravity is taken out with double knees to the face. Malakai taunts Komander as he tries to crawl to his feet, leading into Buddy Matthews hitting the curb stomp for the pin fall win.
  • There’s a backstage segment with Action Andretti talking to Darius Martin. The segment is interrupted multiple times with a sudden commercial. Dante Martin shows up along the way, but it’s not really clear what’s going on due to the commercials that interrupted the segment. I think the idea is that Dante Martin is back.
  • Julia Hart defeats Lady Frost to retain the TBS championship. There are no count outs in this match, and they spend an extended bit of time out there with Julia threatening to use a steel chair on Lady. Hart gets Frost back in the ring and locks in her submission finisher for the won.
  • Don Callis and Powerhouse Hobbs are interviewed backstage. Callis can’t figure out how Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho deserve a tag team title match after winning one match. Callis says Hobbs is a one-man team who will destroy them. Hobbs is wearing a shirt that says “Big, Black & Jacked”. He repeats those words and says anybody can get it.
  • FTR defeats The Righteous. The commentators note that FTR is “banged up and wounded” following the ladder match at Full Gear, so an upset could happen here. But that’s not what happened, as FTR caught them in the Big Rig for the win.
  • After the match is over, Malakai Black comes out with a mic. He says that Cesaro and CM Punk aren’t there to save FTR this time. This place isn’t the brotherhood they think it is. The lights go out and Malakai disappears before any violence ensues.
  • They re-air the promo from before where Dante Martin shows up and says he is back in AEW for next week’s Dynamite in Top Flight’s hometown of Minneapolis.
  • AEW World Tag Team Champions Ricky Starks and Big Bill are in the ring for an interview with Tony Schiavone. Bill goes over his history with alcohol addiction and says he always knew he would make it back to the top of the mountain. Jericho and Omega aren’t Pippen and Jordan in their eyes, they are just the guys who get the bubblegum for Jordan and PIppen before the game starts. And when they are finished with Jericho and Omega, they’ll be getting the champs their bubblegum too.
  • Keith Lee vs. Lee Moriarty. Moriarty was the hometown wrestler, but Lee was the better man, scoring the pin fall after hitting his finisher. The commentators wonder if Shane Taylor Promotions has an answer for Keith Lee.
  • Keith Lee cuts a promo backstage a little bit later, saying he’s sick of not being given opportunities, so now he’s going to take it. He cryptically refers to one man in particular who he is coming after.
  • Brody King defeats Eddie Kingston in the Continental Classic tournament. Eddie is beaten so severely that the commentators wonder if the referee will have to stop the match. But he still has something left in the tank, coming back with his machine gun chops in the corner. Eddie nails the spinning backfist, but Brody kicks out of the pin attempt. They exchange chops in the middle of the ring. Kingston nails multiple suplexes, but King will not stay down for three. Brody piledrives Eddie, but it’s too close to the ropes to get the win. Kingston nails another spinning backfist, but Brody shakes it off and delivers Dante’s Inferno for the win. Brody scores three point in the Continental Classic tournament.
  • That’s the end of the show, folks!

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