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Samoa Joe vs. MJF is official for AEW Worlds End

Better Than You Bay Bay has seen better days. They entered Nov. 22’s Full Gear fallout episode of AEW Dynamite with the help of a pair of crutches for Adam Cole and his surgically reconstructed ankle and a cane for MJF and his dislocated hip. But they’re also still the Ring of Honor Tag champs, and Friedman remains AEW World champ.

The Brochachos for life cut promos running through MJF’s accomplishments and the list of enemies circling him. Max’s defiant message to the man wearing his Devil mask and assaulting people prompted an appearance on our screens, now with an autotuned laugh.

It also brought out the man who filled in for Cole on the Full Gear pre-show, and helped MJF keep their tag belts — Samoa Joe. He wanted to ensure Friedman honored his end of the bargain and gave him a World championship rematch. Max wanted to do it right here right now (complete with a reference to Chicago’s favorite son and ex-AEW World champ CM Punk).

Joe didn’t want the champ to have any excuses, so he said no. He wants to do at Worlds End on Dec. 30 in MJF’s beloved Long Island, MJF is down for that, and he should be healthy by the time we get there. Because Joe told Max he’s now his property, and he won’t let anyone damage his property until he can choke him out for the belt.

The AEW World title joins the finals of the Continental Classic tournament as the only things currently booked for Worlds End.

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