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The Young Bucks officially finished with Being The Elite?

Brandon Cutler has turned into quite the dirt sheet scoopster lately. Over the weekend, he passed along word that the Young Bucks will allegedly take a break from wrestling. Now, Cutler broke news claiming the Young Bucks have officially finished up with Being The Elite. Cutler must have a reliable source close to the Jackson family.

Joking aside, this could be real news. BTE aficionados have noticed that the last edition was episode 368 published on October 9, 2023. Since that date, the BTE channel has been posting individual segments with Cutler and Colt Cabana rather than full episodes. That was odd, because it was a break from the normal weekly schedule back to the debut in May of 2016. Out of 388 weeks in that time frame, BTE was available 368 times. Maybe it was time to close the BTE studio?

Being that this is the professional wrestling business, we can rarely trust things on face value. If we dig into the story elements for the Young Bucks’ current direction in AEW, their last BTE-related video appearance was when Kazuchika Okada arrived for a match on October 25. Okada played into the bit of ribbing the Young Bucks by wearing their gear.

On the very next week, The Hung Bucks lost the ROH World Six-Man Championship to the Mogul Embassy. Matt Jackson threw a temper tantrum after the match. The Young Bucks have not appeared on any BTE material since that moment.

The Young Bucks threw another fit after losing to Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho at Full Gear, then the news came of them taking a break from wrestling.

Whatever the reasons, the Young Bucks are doing a good job of creating intrigue by dripping ‘rumors’ to ‘sources’ to gossip with Cutler as the delivery man.

What do you think the next step for the Young Bucks will be?

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