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Britt Baker was not pleased about Adam Cole trying to wrestle at Full Gear

If you missed out on Full Gear, the main event angle in a nutshell was MJF getting injured early in the evening, MJF heading to the hospital, Adam Cole stepping in as a replacement to keep a promise of preserving the AEW World Championship for MJF, Maxwell returning to the arena to take back his spot at the last minute. The rest was history with MJF regaining the Triple B from Jay White. The most relevant part for the purposes of this story is that Cole tried to wrestle while still on crutches after ankle surgery. Dr. Britt Baker DMD chimed in on social media about her loverman’s antics during the show, and she was not pleased.

Baker’s reaction says it all when AEW teased that Cole versus White was official.

Baker was disturbed at the lack of medical oversight allowing Cole to compete compared to the effort made trying to stop MJF from entering the ring.

During the media scrum, Baker pointed out another instance of AEW not looking out for Cole.

Here’s an image for reference. Cole was standing off to the side for about ten minutes. At least MJF shared a delicious pickle with his brochacho.


The coup de grâce from Baker’s ranting was to call out Cole for dodging dishwashing duties at home.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when Cole returns to Baker at their humble abode.

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