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Daniel Garcia deserves a spot in AEW’s Continental Classic tournament after this promo

AEW is debuting the Continental Classic tournament this week, which is their version of the NJPW G-1 Climax. Twelve of AEW’s top stars will be included in the mix.

The field currently includes Bryan Danielson, Andrade El Idolo, Mark Briscoe, and Eddie Kingston. Eight spots remain.

Part of the fun of tournaments is the potential for underdogs. With that in mind, I propose that Daniel Garcia receives an invitation to the dance. Garcia hasn’t had the best success lately, however, this promo sold me on giving him a shot to prove himself.

Daniel Garcia: You know, in a company, an environment, that it seems like top guys are afraid to face top guys. It seems like there’s one person around here that isn’t afraid to do that. One person that will step up to to every single challenge and every single obstacle that’s put in front of him, and I will say that is myself. That is Daniel Garcia.

All these people, they just want to hold on to all their poker chips in fetal position and hold on for them in deal life in hopes that somebody else can’t take their chips. And they have a lot of chips. You would think they would be able to afford to lose a couple of them every once in a while.

But then you have somebody like me, who maybe got three of four poker chips. But every time I collect those little amount of poker chips, I’m pushing them to the front of the table every single time and betting everything that I have.

Sometimes, I go broke. Sometimes, I tap out to MJF on a Wednesday, I tap out to Andrade on a Saturday, and I pass out to Miro on a Saturday after that. But that’s what I do. That’s the risk that I’m willing to put myself at.

I get a call. Hey, you want to wrestle MJF? Yeah, let’s do it. You want to wrestle Andrade? Yeah, let’s do it. You want to wrestle Miro? Yeah, let’s do it. Tell me who else in this company is putting themself in this much danger day after day, night after night, week after week. I can’t name another person that’s doing it like me.

And yeah, I fall flat on my face. Sometimes, I get my arm broken. Sometimes, I hurt my knee. Sometimes, I get camel clutch, and I end up with some blood in my lungs, which I do right now. I need to go see the doctor desperately after this.

But I’m willing to risk it all every single night. That’s what makes me different.

That’s the kind of hunger that catches attention. Win or lose, we know that Garcia will give it all for every single match. That type of attitude would make him a dangerous threat in the Continental Classic. I’m not talking about him winning the whole thing. He can play a role in other ways as a spoiler in round robin action. Garcia’s star is on the rise in AEW, and a few marquee wins would help elevate his status.

The Continental Classic starts on the November 22 edition of Dynamite and carries through to the finale at the Worlds End PPV on December 30.

Are you interested in seeing Daniel Garcia participate in the Continental Classic? Who else would you like AEW to choose for the tournament?

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