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The Young Bucks to take time away from wrestling?

The Young Bucks are taking time away from wrestling. Brandon Cutler passed along the news.

It is unclear if this news is real, part of an AEW storyline, or both. This could be cover to recover from real injuries and spend time with family for the holiday season, however, it would also make sense within the current story direction of the Young Bucks.

The Young Bucks lost to Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho in tag team action at Full Gear. As a result, the Bucks also lost their tag team title shot as part of the stipulation. What may sting the most is Omega siding with Jericho over his Elite pals. The Bucks haven’t forgiven Jericho for physically attacking their father a few years ago.

On top of that, this year has not been easy for the Jackson boys. They lost to FTR at All In with the AEW World Tag Team Championship and bragging rights on the line for best team in the history of the universe. They also lost the ROH World Six-Man Championship after only 42 days in their second title defense with Hangman Page.

It was evident that all these things were taking a toll on the emotional state of the Young Bucks when they threw a violent temper tantrum after the match at Full Gear. Now comes the news of taking time away. Plus, Cutler’s message is phrased for comedic effect.

If the Young Bucks’ reasons are legit, then peace be with them. If it is part of a storyline, then they created interest to see what happens upon their return.

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