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AEW Full Gear 2023 results: The Golden Jets take The Young Bucks title shot

Bleacher Report

It wasn’t the first time Kenny Omega wrestled his fellow Elite members The Young Bucks. But it was the first time with Chris Jericho as his tag partner, and it would be the last time he teamed with the legend as The Golden Jets if they didn’t win at Full Gear on Nov. 18 in Inglewood, California.

There was also a future AEW World Tag title shot on the line.

Omega wanted to keep things professional, but he seemed to be the only one as the bad blood between Matt & Nick Jackson and Jericho was evident from the opening moments. Nick targeted Kenny’s partner’s right arm, the one he uses to deliver his Judas Effect finisher.

The Bucks’ heel side came out as they worked over Jericho, and when Omega tagged back in his was no longer in the mood for sportsmanship. He couldn’t win it alone however, and Jericho was limited by his wounded wing. And Matt & Nick limited their friend when they hit him with a low blow.

Matt looked to have it won when he hit Jericho with a Judas Effect to follow that up, but Omega broke up the pin. The drama ramped up as Kenny teased turning on his partner...

...and kicked out of Matt hitting him with his own One Winged Angel finisher.

Things really broke down around a Superkick Party that left Omega and the elder Jackson as the last men standing. Kenny used the One Winged Angel on Matt, and he didn’t kick out.

Omega tried to offer his hand in the aftermath, but The Bucks were too busy throwing a temper tantrum. We’ll see where things go with The Elite, and when The Golden Jets go after Ricky Starks & Big Bill’s AEW Tag titles.

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