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AEW Full Gear 2023 results: Starks & Bill retain in brutal 4Way ladder match

AEW World Tag champs Ricky Starks & Big Bill knew the odds were against them in a 4Way defense against FTR, House of Black, and La Faccion Ingobernable at Full Gear. So Starks went to Tony Khan and got another stipulation added, making the bout a ladder match.

So with the titles hanging above the ring in Inglewood, California’s Kia Forum on Nov. 18, pro wrestling madness ensued.

A big man showdown was teased between Bill and HoB’s Brody King was teased early, and ladders were set-up. We had to wait through a few multi-man aerial spots, but the SoCal crowd did get to chant “MEAT” as the hosses clashed. FTR’s Dax Harwood & LFI’s RUSH broke that up by attacking them with ladders, then Harwood cleared out everyone with one until RUSH’s brother Dralistico stopped him with a drop kick.

He then climbed for the belts, but Dax’s partner Cash Wheeler stopped that. Malakai Black then kept Wheeler from getting to the titles, and the match settled into a one-on-one between them for a while that included this clever spot...

... and a nasty one where Cash hit Black with a piledriver off the ropes onto a ladder.

Starks, who had mostly been laying low to that point, swooped in to clean house. Big, painful looking spots happened left and right for a while. This one from King to Dralistico might have been the gnarliest, but there were lots to choose from...

it came down to Starks and FTR battling on the ladder under the belts. Pretty Ricky outpunched the Top Guys, and the champs retained.

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