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AEW Full Gear 2023 results: Swerve hangs Hangman to win bloody Death Match

Bleacher Report

Hangman Page and Swerve Strickland were both kind of adrift in AEW when they started a program together a few months back. But what began as a way for one of them to move up the ladder toward a World title shot got deeply personal after Strickland & his Mogul Embassy associate Prince Nana cheated to win their WrestleDream match, setting off a chain of events that led to Swerve breaking into Page’s house and menacing his young son.

That led to a Texas Death Match, and Hangman didn’t waste one second getting retribution for Strickland’s crimes. He used a staple gun on Swerve, before and after duct taping his wrists together. He then stapled one of his child’s finger paintings (another was ripped up during the home invasion) to his forehead, and held Strickland’s head over his mouth so he could drink his blood!

A barbed wire chair shot missed, and created an opening for Nana to free his man’s hands. The adrenaline flowing, Swerve was no longer feeling pain. He laughed off a few staples and then drove a few more into his chest. Strickland pulled out a cinder block. It took a while to come into play, but when it did... OUCH!

Both men were bleeding profusely when the action finally returned to the ring after that And a piledriver Swerve somehow hit Hangman with while balanced on the barricade. And a Page moonsault using the barbed wire chair.

Page wrapped his enemy in barbed wire, and each man got tore up by it in the minutes that followed. They battled over the chair wrapped in it, and it was Hangman who finally drove Strickland into it head first. But somehow, someway, Swerve beat the ten count.

He then went on offense. Page took a stomp onto the chair, and a 45 splash while covered in broken glass... followed by a JML Driver. Did that keep Hangman down? Nope.

So Strickland went under the ring to get a barbed wire covered board with “Swerve’s House” written on it. With that draped across two chairs, they battled up top... leading to a fallaway slam through it.

He followed that up with a powerbomb onto it, and a Deadeye! Then, after wrapping Strickland’s head in barbed wire, one more Buckshot Lariat finally kept Swerve down for ten... or would have if Nana hadn’t pulled him to his feet.

That was when Brian Cage showed up. The Mogul Embassy associate powerbombed Page repeatedly before setting up a table on the floor. But back in the ring, the barbed wire and a Buckshot took out the machine. Nana tried to help with a chair, and to dance for his life when that didn’t work, but Hangman wasn’t impressed and Deadeye-d him through the table.

In the wake of all that, Swerve recovered to smash the cinder block on Page’s back. Strickland then used a chain to hang Hangman. Page tried to get to his feet as referee Paul Turner got to ten, but couldn’t.

If Page is going to make Strickland pay for his home invasion, it will have to be another day.

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