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AEW Full Gear 2023 results: Toni Storm returns to Hollywood, reclaims Women’s title


Toni Storm thought it was her destiny to defend the AEW Women’s World title at Wembley Stadium. But she lost the belt to Hikaru Shida before All In, and watched as Saraya beat Shida for it in London.

While Shida beat Storm’s former Outcasts teammate to become a three-time champ, Toni’s grip on reality slipped. She became convinced she’s a movie star from the first half of the 20th century — and she’s so good at portraying she has most of us convinced she is.

She also became obsessed with winning the title back from Shida in Hollywood. That opportunity came at Full Gear tonight (Nov. 18).

Once in the ring, the Timeless One ripped up her script and opted to improv. That didn’t go well in the early going, and Storm superfan Mariah May looked distraught about the turn of events as she watched backstage.

Perhaps sensing the audience support, Storm rallied. She had the champ down, but Toni still went to consult with her butler Luther. He handed her one shoe, and snuck another into her tights. When referee Aubrey Edwards confiscated the one in her hand, Storm nailed Shida with the heel of the other. But Hikaru kicked out...

...and came back with a Storm Zero of her own. She couldn’t cover after that, but did after a Falcon Arrow. The Timeless One kicked out however. The challenger then targeted an earlier “injury” with an Ankle Lock.

Shenanigans continued from there, as Luther cut off Shida’s attempt to use a kendo stick on Storm on the outside. That allowed Toni to slip a metal tray into her tights, which loaded up the Hip Attack for extra umph. And that led to Storm becoming a three-time Women’s World champ herself.

The starlet claimed her prize, and Mariah arrived to give her hero flowers.

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