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AEW Full Gear 2023 results, live streaming match coverage

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All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view TONIGHT (Sat., Nov. 18, 2023) with their fifth Full Gear PPV. The latest edition of their annual November event comes our way from the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California at 8pm ET.

A Zero Hour pre-show will stream live and free starting at 6:30pm Eastern on All Elite’s YouTube channel, Bleacher Report, and right here at Cageside Seats.

In the U.S., the main card can be purchased on Bleacher Report (and traditional PPV). Internationally, it’s available on Fite.

We’ll have predictions from the staff for every match here, and a preview for the entire show here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Full Gear below, beginning with the first match of the day and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



Stop your hands from shaking, look at me. Are your senses racing endlessly, tracing past impressions? So were mine, but now I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you folks.

Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Jay Lethal (ROH World Championship)

Stokely Hathaway is on commentary for this one.

Lethal with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, back to the headlock. Kingston sends him to the floor with a lariat, Jay takes control on the way back and chokes him in the corner. Lethal remaining in control, trying to grind Eddie down, off the ropes, King catches him with the exploder suplex!

Lethal Combination, perching up top, boots up, roll through, rana pin... LETHAL KICKS OUT! Pump kick into an enzuigiri, Jay drops the elbow... SO CLOSE! Lethal Combination blocked, Saito suplex connects! Big Uranage... NOPE! Sonjay Dutt takes a hit on the floor, block the Lethal Combination again, Half and Half...

Eddie Kingston wins by pinfall with Backfist to the Future, retaining the ROH World Championship.

Post-match, Eddie cuts a promo from the ramp welcoming us to the preshow and telling us there’s a lot of shit up next and calling Stokely Hathaway a bald-headed bitch.

Buddy Matthews vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Matthews throws his jacket at Castagnoli but Claudio comes right back with uppercuts! Boot up in the corner, double leg, giant swing blocked, chops against the barricade, uppercut follows! Another charging uppercut, Buddy takes control on the floor with a knee and follows it up with diving Meteora!

Reverse chinlock applied, back suplex counters, Claudio with uppercuts into the corner, elbows, off the ropes with a big boot! Buddy with a crossleg victory roll for two, Castagnoli with Swiss Death... STILL NO! Flipping out of it, trading boots, block Meteora... GIANT SWING!

On the release, cover, still only a nearfall! Mounted punches in the corner, headbutts, Matthews slips under, and trips him up for Cheeky Nando’s! Tenryu powerbomb, no deal, Jackhammer... STILL NO! Arm-trap crossface on the kickout, overhead elbows follow when Castagnoli starts to fight out of it!

Fireman’s carry, TKO connects, Ricola Bomb into the Sharpshooter, Matthews crawls but can’t break free...

Claudio Castagnoli wins by submission with the Sharpshooter.

Post-match, Claudio offers a handshake but Buddy cold-shoulders him!

Ass Boys (Austin & Colten Gunn) vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman (c) & Samoa Joe (ROH World Tag Team Championship)

Friedman and Colten to start, Max hot out the gates putting boots to him hard in the corner! Gunn cuts him off, side headlock, MJF takes him out, Fargo Strut, both Ass Boys attack at once! Joe dives and takes them both out! Back inside, he shrugs and walks away from a dropkick, senton into jabs, uppercut sets up the enzuigiri!

Joe drags Colten over, tag to a reluctant MJF and he ends up on the wrong side of town again. Double elbows, Max reaching, blocking punches, throwing Austin to the tag! Colten throws him into an elbow, Ass Boys running hot, double DDT, Max going for a Muscle Buster, so does Joe, Gunns slip out, pass them into each other!

Off the ropes, 3:10 to Yuma on Samoa Joe... MJF PULLS AUSTIN OFF THE COVER! Ass Boys in control— THAT’S ADAM COLE’S MUSIC! He hobbles down on crutches, his ROH World Championship on his waist, Joe takes Colten down...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman & Samoa Joe win by submission with the Coquina Clutch from Joe on Colten Gunn, and Adam Cole & MJF retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, Joe reminds Max that he owes him a title match and they shake hands.

MJF and Cole are sharing a nice moment when the Ass Boys jump the world champion and beat him down with injured Adam helpless to do anything about it! The Gunns light on Friedman and smash his knee with a steel chair! They wrap the chair around his ankle... PILLMANIZED!

Medics come to ringside and stretch MJF off as I take advantage of a moment to go check the mail.

Lucky for y’all, my wife takes over while I’m out—

And he leaves the ring on a stretcher, the poor thing. Anyone else think it looks like his shirt says The Sour Scumbag? On his way into the meat wagon, MJF makes Adam Cole promise not to let them take his title.The Baby Adam Cole consents.

The main show begins with a video package highlighting tonight’s matches.

Commentary recaps the Gunns injuring Maxwell Jacob Friedman at the end of the preshow.

Adam Copeland, Darby Allin, & Sting vs. the Patriarchy (Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, & Nick Wayne)

Ric Flair is in the babyface teams’ corner.

Allin and Wayne to start, Darby taking control with a wristlock, one-armed monkey flip, headlock takedown! Trading arm drags, Allin tags Sting in and the Icon goes to work! Passing Nick to the floor, back inside, Cage is legal and Copeland tags in as well! Christian immediately chickens out and tags Luchasaurus in!

Adam with elbows, off the ropes, right hands, corner body avalanche, tag to Allin, boot up in the corner, sunset flip blocked, goozle, Darby flips out of the chokeslam but Christian hangs his neck over the top rope... LUCHASAURUS CHOKESLAMS ALLIN OVER THE ROPES AND TO THE APRON!

Back inside, Darby is on the wrong side of town as the Patriarchy works him over. Nick does the worst strut I’ve ever seen while making eye contact with the Nature Boy at ringside. Jockeying for position with Wayne in the turnbuckles, biting the hand... YOSHI TONIC OFF THE TOP!

Cage crawls under the ring and cuts Copeland off on the far side, Sting gives chase but Luchasaurus knocks him down! Christian tags in, stalking after Allin as he crawls into the empty turnbuckles, mocking him! Calling for it, spear, sidestepped, Adam in, Impaler DDT on Luchasaurus, Allin dives hard on everybody... STING JUMPS OVER RIC FLAIR TO HIT A PLANCHA ON THE DINOSAUR MAN!

Back inside, goozles on both Copeland and Sting, they fight out, inverted DDT set up... DIVING ELBOW-ASSISTED SCORPION DEATH DROP! The match breaks down, Luchasaurus fighting everybody and he knocks Adam down! Ric chopping away at Cage on the floor, Christian lays the Nature Boy out with a low blow!

Cage walks out...

Adam Copeland, Darby Allin, & Sting win by pinfall with the Coffin Drop from Allin on Luchasaurus.

Post-match, Darby gets the crowd to make some noise for Sting’s last match in California.

Tony Schiavone is on the stage with referee Bryce Remsburg and he brings “Switchblade” Jay White out to join him.

White yells about being champion and Tony tells him to settle the hell down. Schiavone hates to say it but unfortunately Maxwell Jacob Friedman is injured and will not be able to defend the title against Jay White and the match has been canceled, and Switchblade is champion by defau—

Enter Adam Cole.

Cole says there’s no shot in hell Jay is leaving the arena with Max’s world title. He made a promise to his friend and he’s going to keep it and he already spoke to Tony Khan. If MJF can’t defend the title, he’ll do it for him! One leg or not, tonight’s main event will be Jay White vs. Adam Cole, Bay Bay!

Jay reminds him he took him out once before and if he wants to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong, he can breathe with the Switchblade.

Jon Moxley vs. Orange Cassidy (c) (AEW International Championship)

Trading strikes out the gates, Moxley knocking him down, passing him to the floor, heading out after him and trowing him into the announce desk for rabbit punches! Back inside, Crash Landing connects, choking Orange in the corner, Texas Cloverleaf applied! Up top, raking Cassidy’s back, biting his nose, Orange bites him back, Jon with headbutts and Freshly Squeezed crashes to the apron!

Cassidy with headbutts after headbutts, Mox is busted open, superplex connects! Jon unbowed, on his knees and asking for more, Orange kicking away at his chest, Jon pops up, Cassidy flips him the birds, passes him to the floor, and dives on him! Orange off the ropes, a second dive drives Moxley into the announce desk!

Cassidy dives a third time, elbow plants Jon right in the mush! Back in the ring, Mox hammering punches, Orange covering up, reverse chinlock applied! Jon shifts gears, piledriver blocked, Beach Break denied, roll through, Penalty Kick takes Mox’s head off! Cassidy puts him in the Tazmission, Jon walks to the corner and pulls the turnbuckle cover off when referee Bryce Remsburg pulls them out of the corner!

Moxley with an Ace Crusher and a Gotch piledriver... ORANGE KICKS OUT! Jon mocking the lazy kicks, Orange puts his hands in his pants! Sidestep, Mox goes face-first into the exposed steel turnbuckle, a dropkick puts him into the steel a second time, Orange waits and hits a trifecta of Orange Punches to take him down but he pops right back up!

Crossleg victory roll for two, a fourth Orange Punch, a fifth, the elbow pad comes off for a sixth! Up for it... BEACH BREAK! IT’S OVER!

Orange Cassidy wins by pinfall with the Beach Break, retaining the AEW International Championship.

Post-match, Wheeler YUTA and HOOK have a brief confrontation as both men’s friends and stablemates check on each other.

Commentary tells us Tony Khan has confirmed Adam Cole will be wrestling Jay White in tonight’s main event.

We get a video package telling us Mark Briscoe will be in the Continental Classic.

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Toni Storm (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Toni Storm tears up the script and rushes right in with forearms, trading strikes, Shida with a rising knee! Hikaru traps her in the ropes and lays chops in while Mariah May watches backstage. Toni turning it around, chops in the corner, machine gun chops, running bulldog, putting boots to her, Shida gets away, big boot, mounted punches in the corner!

Luther tucks one heel into Storm’s trunks and puts the other in her hands, referee Aubrey Edwards catches the obvious one and Toni spikes Hikaru in the eyes with the other one... NOT ENOUGH! Shida with a Strong Zero and both women are down and out! Hammering her with punches, Toni shoves her away, big palm strikes, both women are staggered but Shida hits the Queston Mark and follows it with a Falcon Arrow... NOPE!

Back and forth, Storm has an ankle lock in the middle of the ring! She takes Hikaru’s boot off and tries to hit her with it but Shida ducks and knocks her down! On the floor, champion holding a kendo stick, Luther tries to take it away and she kicks him in the shins and wallops him with it!

Toni has the little tin tray and tucks it in her ample trunks, she blocks Katana, sunset flip reversed, rana pin... NOPE! Storm looking for a German suplex, connects! Setting up the running hip attack, adjusting the metal tray...

Toni Storm wins by pinfall with a running hip attack, becoming your new AEW Women’s World Champion.

Post-match, Mariah May comes to the ring with a bouquet of flowers for the new champion.

Backstage, Renee Paquette interviews Eddie Kingston.

He says the Continental Classic is his next target and he wants to up the game and make it even more prestigious, and he wants to put both the ROH World Championship and NJPW Strong Openweight Championship, so the winner of the tournament will have a triple crown, between those and the AEW Continental Championship that will be on the line.

“Big” Bill Morrissey & “Absolute” Ricky Starks (c) vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs. Kings of the Black Throne (Brody King & Malakai Black) vs. La Faccion Ingobernable (Dralistico & Rush) (AEW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match)

Chaos early, King and Morrissey square up but FTR blindside them and the brawl continues! Starks and Harwood fighting over a ladder, Brody catapults the ladder into Dax’s face! Rush sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring, a fountain of dives begins, Dralistico with a tope con giro into the crush! Harwood superplexes Starks into the pile!

Ladder fight, Dax gets the better of El Toro Blanco, Terry Funk style airplane spins, Dralistico dropkicks the ladder into his face! Lighting Wheeler up with kicks, Dralistico climbs the ladder, Cash takes him out, Rush comes in and kicks the hell out of him in turn! Off the ropes, Wheeler takes him out with a powerslam!

Cash with uppercuts to Black, throwing him into a ladder, off the ropes, Malakai simply throws the ladder at his face! Brody with chops on chops, he gets knocked down, Black and Wheeler fighting in th turnbuckles over a ladder, Cash uppercuts him in the gentleman’s area... AVALANCHE PILEDRIVER INTO THE LADDER!

Brody off the ropes, but he dives into a ladder shot from Big Bill! Ricky back in, right hands for everybody, DDT, he’s fired up, back elbow to Wheeler, going up top, ropewalk brain chop, Saito suplex for Cash! King bleeding all over his corpse paint, Malakai trading elbows with Starks, but he gets back body dropped into a ladder!

Brody with a cannonball senton into Dax leaned on the ladder! Dralistico back in, enzuigiri on Morrissey, Codebreaker follows, overhand chops, springboard caught, Bill chokeslams him to hell! Rush rams Morrissey with a ladder into the corner, he and Starks fighting on top of one ladder, FTR set up two on either side of it, Big Bill and Dralistico involved, all six men atop their ladders and fighting!

Rush and Starks knocked down, King comes back in and tips on ladder over and then pulls Wheeler off the other with a back suplex! Dralistico with a Poison Frankensteiner and he’s fired up! BRODY KING FIRE THUNDER DRIVER THROUGH A LADDER BRIDGED TO THE BARRICADE TAKES DRALISTICO OUT!

The dust settles, Dax is climbing the ladder, Ricky on the other side, trading punches, Harwood taken out, Cash in his place, the champs pull it out...

“Big” Bill Morrissey & “Absolute” Ricky Starks win, retrieving the title belts to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Julia Hart vs. Kris Statlander (c) vs. Skye Blue (AEW TBS Championship)

Statlander bowls Blue over, scoops and slams for both of them, putting Hart into Skye! Duck under, kip up, double lariat gets the champ a pair of one-counts! Blue with an O’Connor roll, Kris kicks out and she briefly stares at Julia before Statlander comes over and throws her aside to get at Hart.

Waistlock, Blue with a boot, Kris jaws at her, trading slaps, Skye ducks a lariat, blocks a kick, uppercut and a rising knee in the ropes! Julia with a boot that sends the champion to the floor, where she suplexes both women at the same time! Back inside, Blue offers a handshake to Hart, who accepts it but pulls her in for a forearm!

More forearms, smashing Skye into the mat over and over, Stat back in, back suplex on Blue, stampede Julia into the corner, stack Blue on top of her, charging upper cut for Hart and a boot for Blue! Fireman’s carry, Samoan drop, cover but Julia breaks it up! Trading shots, all three women down and out!

Blue sets Hart up in the corner, Cheeky Nando’s, Stat takes her out with a lariat, Michinoku Driver on Julia... SO CLOSE! Kris hoists Skye up and plants her down! Statlander up top, Hart shoves her to the floor! Julia with a moonsault on Blue... KRIS BREAKS IT UP! Snap scoop powerslam to Hart on the floor!

Back inside, Blue lands a kick to the apron, rolls her through, kick blocked, drop down enzuigiri, off the ropes, crossbody blocked, maneuvering her around, no Saturday Night Fever, victory roll for two! Off the ropes, rolling Code Blue... SO CLOSE! Julia back in, kick to Skye, northern lariat to the champion, thinking Hartless... IT’S ON!

Kris Stat breaks it up with a deadlift German suplex, another one for Skye, a second for Julia and a second for Blue as well! Roundhouse kick on Hart, Skye ducks hers, victory roll pin for two! Off the ropes, satellite tijeras blocked... SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER! HART BREAKS IT UP! SHE STEALS THE PIN! IT’S OVER!

Julia Hart wins by pinfall with a folding press on Skye Blue, winning the AEW TBS Championship.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to announce our big deal new signing... IT’S WILL OSPREAY!

Tony hands him his contract and he signs and the deal is done! He’s happy to be here but he has to give us some bad news— he can’t come in just yet, because he has obligations to New Japan Pro Wrestling to finish up. He asks Tony Khan to do him a favor and line up the best he’s got, especially for Wembley Stadium, because everyone here knows he’s gonna show ‘em all what Elite really looks like, bruv.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Shane “Swerve” Strickland (Texas Death Match)

Page like a bolt from the blue, no entrance music, all punches! Powerbomb, lining him up... BUCKSHOT CONNECTS! Strickland falls to the floor, Hangman grabs a roll of duct tape and binds Shane’s hands together! Adam grabs a stapler and staples Strickland in the chest! More staples, back inside, Hangman smashes him in the head with a chair!

He staples one of his kid’s art to Swerve’s cheek and tears it off as blood pours from his forehead! Hangman pulls Shane down and drinks the blood pouring off his forehead! Barbed wire chair, Swerve manages to hit a low blow to counter and Prince Nana cuts the tape off his wrists!

Adam with more staples, Shane walking into it, iron resolve on his face and he smashes the staple gun into Page’s face as the blood gushes down his nose! Strickland staples his own chest, a maniacal grin on his face! He grinds barbed wire into Adam’s face, goes to the floor for more, under the ring, he gets the cinder block!

Setting it on the apron, trading shots, triangle lariat caught, Swerve pulls him to the apron, trading shots... SHANE BITES HIS HEAD AND HITS A DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ON THE CINDER BLOCK DANGERRRROUS! Up on the barricade... SWERVE HITS A PILEDRIVER ON THE GUARDRAIL!

Blood pouring, Strickland pours water out on Hangman’s head, referee Paul Turner checks Adam’s head wound as the blood flows down his chest! Back inside, trading shots, off the ropes, big boot, scoop and a fallaway slam! Swerve with the wire, Page cuts him off, another fallaway slam, Adam grinds the wire into Shane’s head like a crown of thorns!

Wrapping it around his body, a third fallaway slam! Hangman up top with the barbed wire chair... BARBED WIRE ORIHARA MOONSAULT AS THE CLARET KEEPS FLOWING! Back inside, Hangman breathing hard, a bloodied god of war, kicking Prince Nana aside, Buckshot caught, JML Driver reversed, Swerve kicks the chair into Adam’s face!

Scoop lift, Page reverses... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ON THE BARBED WIRE CHAIR! Referee Paul Turner making his count, Adam to his feet first, Swerve stirring, sitting up at eight and to his feet at nine! Hangman with a barbed wire chairshot, up top, jockeying for position... STRICKLAND BLASTS HIM WITH THE CHAIR AND THE WIRE GETS STUCK ON HIS FACE! POWERBOMB OUT OF THE CORNER AND INTO THE BARBED WIRE CHAIR! SWERVE STOMP!

Turner counting, Page kicks out, Shane hits him with the chair again and goes under the ring and comes up with a black bag! Back inside, he stands on Adam’s neck and dumps broken glass out on him... 450 SPLASH INTO THE BROKEN GLASS WHAT EVEN?! JML DRIVER ON THE GLASS! Paul Turner counting, Shane on his feet... HANGMAN BEATS THE COUNT!

Strickland with a Cactus Clothesline, he throws a plain chair into the ring and Nana gets a barbed wire board out! Setting chairs up, bridging the board between the chairs, Shane pulls Page up top, jockeying for position, Hangman bites the wound again... AVALANCHE FALLAWAY SLAM INTO THE BOARD!

Powerbomb into the wire, up for Deadeye... DEADEYE INTO THE BARBED WIRE! Wrapping the barbed wire around Swerve’s neck and mouth, Adam goes to the apron... BARBED WIRE BUCKSHOT! Turner counting, Nana pulls Strickland out of the ring to beat the count! BRIAN CAGE ATTACKS HANGMAN FROM BEHIND! POWERBOMB, BUCKLE BOMB, F-5!

The Machine goes under the ring and gets a table, powerbomb lift, Page fights out with the wire, barbed wire rolling elbows, off the ropes with a lariat! Nana runs in with a chair and runs away, he dances on the apron but Hangman ain’t having it... DEADEYE OFF THE APRON AND THROUGH THE TABLE TO THE FLOOR!

Swerve smashes the cinder block across Page’s back! Hangman seemingly unconscious, Paul Turner issues his count, Shane grabs a length of chain and wraps it around his neck! He throws the chain over the turnbuckles to create an impromptu gallows and hangs Page with the chain!

Referee Paul Turner counting...

Shane Strickland wins by knockout.

We get a recap of Maxwell Jacob Friedman getting injured at the end of the preshow.

Golden Jets (Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Don Callis is on commentary for this one.

Nick and Kenny to start, feeling out, switching to the older men, Jericho with a side headlock, reverse to a hammerlock, hairpull mat slam and some hip swivels at the camera! Omega tags back in, test of strength, Matt clobbers him and beats him down! Speeding up, bit of lucha libre, sending the Bucks to the floor... TERMINATOR TOEP CON GIRO TAKES MATT JACKSON OUT!

Chris dropkicks Nick to the floor, off the ropes, wrecking ball dropkick! Trapping Y2J’s arm in the steel steps, Jackson kicks the steel into his arm! Working Jericho over, his arm bleeding from the steel, off the ropes, double lariat, Nick with a triangle dropkick to send the Ocho to the floor!

Pulling Chris arm first into the post, overhead elbow, smashing it into the barricade! Continuing to work him over, eventually he tags Kenny for a breather, back and forth and Jericho is back in. Looking for the Walls of Jericho on Matt, blocked, elbow connects but Nick snaps his bar arm over the top rope!

Match breaks down, malfunction at the junction, Chris accidentally hits Kenny but he gets Matt in the Walls of Jericho! Kenny blocks Nick from making the save, Matt struggling, trying to hang in there and he breaks free with upkicks! Off the ropes, Jackson passes Jericho to the apron, catches him on a dive, grabs Kenny too, double northern lights suplex!

German suplex takes Omega out, one-hand bulldog from Chris, Nick picks him off, rope-hung senton atomico... KENNY MAKES THE SAVE! Jericho and the elder Jackson in the turnbuckles, mounted punches from Y2J into the avalanche Frankensteiner but with referee Aubrey Edwards distracted Nick hits a low blow!

Kenny in the ring to argue, Aubrey gives Nick a talking to and Matt kicks Omega in the gentleman’s area! Springboard senton atomico takes Omega out, looking for the BTE Trigger, they get it... BUT CAN’T KEEP CHRIS DOWN! Victory roll pin nearly steals it, Bucks in trading superkicks with Jericho, one to the injury staggers him but he hits Nick in the gentleman’s area!

Tag to Kenny, he surveys the scene, off the ropes... V-Trigger on Nick! Dragon suplexes on Matt! Electric chair, Nick reverses to a Poison Frankensteiner, Matt gets him up, One-Winged Angel on Kenny... NOT ENOUGH! Jericho intercepts a Meltzer Driver, Codebreaker on Nick! Electric chair from Omega, Matt punching away, blocked... CROYT’S WRATH!

Lining Matt up, off the ropes, Nick meets him with superkick, Judas Effect takes him out, Matt with superkicks on Y2J, he’s gonna break his arm, ripcord knee from Kenny! Omega with the electric chair...

Golden Jets win by pinfall with One-Winged Angel from Kenny Omega on Matt Jackson, ensuring that the Golden Jets will be allowed to continue teaming and earning the Young Bucks’ title shot for the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, the Young Bucks have a full-stop temper tantrum and refuse to shake Kenny Omega’s hand.

Adam Cole makes his entrance on his crutches, standing on literaly one leg during introductions, referee Bryce Remsburg backs White off and an ambulance drives up to the arena!

MAXWELL JACOB FRIEDMAN IS HERE! HE’S HOBBLED AND HIS LEG IS TAPED UP BUT HE’S HERE AND HE IS GOING TO FIGHT! He fights his way down the stage and to the ring over the objections of AEW crew and producers!

“Switchblade” Jay White vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman (c) (AEW World Championship)

White jawing at him, Max hobbles forward and slaps him but the leg gives out! Chop block, punches and chops in the corner, Jay suplexes him into the turnbuckles and Friedman rolls away screaming and clutching his leg through the cover! Passing MJF to the floor, the Ass Boys put boots to him as Adam Cole hobbles over to yell at them!

Back to the floor, this time Max fires up and fights the Ass Boys off as long as he can! Back inside, cover for two! The Ass Boys go to use a chair on take three but referee Bryce Remsburg sees them and ejects them! Jay goes out and draws Friedman up himself and throws him back in the ring, spending some time taunting Cole instead of wrestling the world champion.

Punches, MJF steels his resolve, rising to his feet, fighting through the pain, he asks him to hit him and calls him a piece of shit and that earns him a kick to the knee that buckles him! Friedman with an elbow, a lariat, scoop and a slam and he is hurting! Smashing Switchblade’s face into the turnbuckles, mounted punches follow and he bites White’s forehead!

Calling for the Kangaroo Kick, he gets it and White falls to the floor! Kip-up, fired up, slapping life back into his thigh even as the leg gives out! Adam Cole cheering his buddy on, off the ropes, drop toehold takes Max’s feet out from under him! DDT follows, only two!

Pressing the attack in the corner, MJF back body drops him into a superkick! Off the second, Jay rolls away, the leg gives out, the Uranage connects... FRIEDMAN KICKS OUT! White with a Cobra Clutch, Max fades but wakes up when Jay stomps the injured leg! Back elbows into the ropes, block the sleeper suplex, White back suplexes him over the ropes and to the floor!

Going after him, jawing at Cole, Max gouges the eyes and hits a DDT on the floor! Putting Jay onto the annouce desk, it crumbles beneath him, Friedman off the top... DIVING ELBOW DROP TO THE FLOOR! Remsburg counting, MJF gets back to his feet and beats the count for some silly reason!

Putting MJF into the Tree of Woe, Max with a spider belly-to-belly superplex! Fired up, White with a chop block! Climbing to meet him, avalanche Uranage... SO CLOSE! On their knees, Jay laying chops in, trading, back and forth, German suplex sets him up but MJF blocks Blade Runner, trading nearfalls!

Friedman spikes him with a Tombstone Piledriver! Jay charges in, back elbow cuts him off, Max double stomps the arm and comes up lame! Passing White to the apron, Heatseeker blocked! MJF OVER THE TOP WITH AN ACE CRUSHER TO THE FLOOR! Max puts Jay back inside, cover... DEEP TWO!

Max unwraps his leg and exposes his pasty white knee, slapping the life back into it but it gives right out! Remsburg calls the ringside doctor over but MJF flips him the bird and refuses the medical attention! Back on his feet, one-legged, Jay trips him and dragon screws the bad leg!

A second dragon screw! Spinning toehold into the figure four leglock, Switchblade spits at Adam Cole! Cole has a towel in hand, Max yells desperate for him to not do it, Jay with chops, MJF crawls back towards the ropes but White pulls him back in! Cover... SO CLOSE! FRIEDMAN ROLLS OVER AND REVERSES THE PRESSURE!

Jay crawling, desperate... AND SWITCHBLADE FORCES THE BREAK! Adam Cole grabs his ROH title belt and tries to hit White with it, but he takes it, belt shot... MAXWELL JACOB FRIEDMAN WILL NOT GO OUT QUIETLY! Yanking the bad leg, Bryce admonishes him and White stumbles and takes Remsburg out!

MJF sees the opportunity growing, Adam Cole passes him the Dynamite Diamond Ring but Switchblade pulls him away from it and hits a dragon screw! Jay has the ring! Max on his knees, he blocks the loaded punch with an uppercut to the gentleman’s area! Friedman has the ring but here comes the Bang Bang Gang!

Punches take both Ass Boys out, block Blade Runner, right hook, tuck the ring, Bryce is awake...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins by pinfall with a loaded punch, retaining the AEW World Championship.

Post-match, Cole and Friedman celebrate together, best friends with two working legs between them.

That’s the show, folks.

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