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AEW Collision & Rampage results, live blog (Nov. 17, 2023): Miro vs. Daniel Garcia

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episodes of AEW Collision and Rampage, airing live tonight (Nov. 17) starting at 8 pm ET on TNT. The show comes our way from the KIA Forum in Los Angeles, California.

Collision will feature Miro vs. Daniel Garcia, Dax Harwood vs. Rush, and AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida teaming up with TBS Champion Kris Statlander to take on The Outcasts’ Saraya & Ruby Soho.

Then at 10 pm ET on Rampage, Toni Storm goes one-on-one with Emi Sakura, Renee Paquette conducts separate interviews with MJF and Jay White ahead of their AEW world championship match at Full Gear, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision (and Rampage) live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Sean here to kick off a busy weekend. Somebody tell Elton’s it’s Friday. I guess it’s still alright for fighting, though. Let us do this.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to welcome us to the Kia Forum, and to introduce the TNT champion Christian Cage. Cage is joined by his “sons” Nick Wayne & Luchasaurus. Tony reminds us about the trios match at Full Gear, and that Ric Flair will accompany Sting. He also tells us there will be a 4Way tonight between Trent Beretta, Brian Cage, Komander & Penta El Zero Miedo, and the winner will face Christian for the title on Rampage.

The champ calls LA a town full of plastic people, so they should be thankful he’s going to speak the truth to them. He reminds us that he’s promised tomorrow will be Sting’s last match, and runs down The Icon a bit. After chastising Schiavone for not holding the microphone close to his face, Christian also wonders what Darby Allin will do after they end Sting. If he needs a father figure, Darby knows where to find him. Flair, who looks like the Crypt Keeper, will have a real come to Jesus moment if he gets in their business.

On Adam Copeland, Cage rehashes his claim that the former Edge is back to steal his spotlight. He tells Beth to let Lyric and Ruby stay up late and bring them close to the TV so they can watch him break their father’s neck. He closes it out by quoting new Los Angeles Clipper James Harden to a mixed reaction.

Lexy Nair is backstage with the AEW Tag champs. Big Bill points out that in their Full Gear title defense, they don’t need to be pinned or submitted to lose their titles. So Ricky Starks went to talk to Tony Khan. Starks says TK is a fair man, and agreed to add a stipulation of his choosing to the PPV match. Since Bill is the tallest man in AEW, Ricky picked a ladder match. Along with an impersonation of FTR bald (Dax Harwood), Absolute vows they’ll leave Full Gear as tag champs.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness remind us about what went down between CJ Perry and Daniel Garcia last Saturday to lead us into the first match of the show...

Miro vs. Daniel Garcia

The Redeemer manhandles Garcia in the early going. Miro teases doing his opponent’s signature dance, but Garcia fires up and attacks before her can. The flurry ends when Miro catches a crossbody and slams Garcia to the mat. We go Picture-in-Picture as fans chant “do the dance”. Miro gestures that they can f off.

Garcia cuts his larger opponent down with a chop block as we return from commercial. Double knees in the corner, followed by a series of drop kicks that wobble Miro, but he doesn’t go down. Another attempt gets met by a kick to the face. Miro signals for Game Over, but Garcia grabs the set-up stomp. He fights back with strikes, then throws him with a suplex! He’s feeling it and gets ready to dance, but here’s Daddy Magic to stop that.

Miro charges while the former JAS members bicker, but Garcia sidesteps. He almost gets three, then transitions into submissions. Sharpshooter locked in deep, but when Garcia bridges Miro grabs his head and slams it to the mat until he breaks the hold. He calls for the finish, superkick, Game Over!

Miro def. Daniel Garcia via submission

We go straight backstage, where Nair is with Perry & her client Andrade El Ídolo. She asks if Andrade is happy with his new representation, and he says she’s very hot. CJ puts him over, and reveals that she entered him in the Continental Classic. El Ídolo doesn’t seem happy, even when Perry talks about the bonuses she secured. She then whispers something in his ear, he asks if she’s sure, and he finally agrees. They shake hands and walk off.

After another break we come back to a dark arena which means Kings of the Black Throne are here!

Malakai Black & Brody King vs. The Boys

Brent starts, but there’s no way I’ll be able to tell Dalton Castle’s peacocks apart. Black is his opponent, and he just seems frustrated that he has to do this. Tags bring in Brandon and King, and Brody mauls the smaller man then barks a bit. Brent grabs his leg to stop a throw, which just pisses the big man off. Malakai kicks Brandon in the face a bit, then Dante’s Inferno ends it.

Kings of the Black Throne def. The Boys via pinfall

That’s followed by Julia Hart kicking off a video package for tomorrow night’s TBS title Triple Threat with Sky Blue against champion Kris Statlander.

And that brings out one of Stat’s allies for our next match, the 4Way to see who challenges Christian on Rampage/our third hour...

Trent Beretta vs. Brian Cage vs. Komander vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

The Machine throws around all his rivals at the start, so they team up to take him down and send him to the outside. Penta and Komander have been tagging lately, and use one of the tandem lucha moves to send flatten him on the floor. Trent cuts off Penta’s follow-up, eventually sedning hiim to the floor. Komander stops him from following up, but Cage recovers to shake the rope as he attempts to walk it. The Machine suplexes Komander to the floor, falling with the move to crash into Beretta and Penta.

Prince Nana’s man is throwing people all around the ringside area. He carries Komander into the ring for special attention as we go PiP.

Trent is taking his beating from Cage when we return. Penta charges in with leg kicks. Followed with more lucha teamwork, they manage to ground the machine. Beretta is back up to suplex Komander a bit. Penta tries to help but ends up kicking his fellow masked man in the face. Cage is back up, taking a poison rana before answering by turning Trent inside out with a lariat. Penta breaks up a Cage cover on Komander with a kick to the head. Things get too hectic for this live blogger... Penta takes out Komander with a Destroyer and hits Made in Japan on Trent, but can only get two. The luchadors fly to the outside... Penta flattens Cage, then Komander flattens Penta. He heads back inside and walks the ropes, but evades the move and grabs Strong Zero for the win!

Trent Beretta def. Brian Cage, Penta El Zero Miedo & Komander via pinfall (on Komander)

We get a recap of Powerhouse Hobbs slamming Paul Wight onto a car during Wednesday’s Street Fight. Lexy Nair interviews Hobbs and Don Callis. Callis says fka Big Show is out after what Powerhouse did to him. What does that mean? Hobbs says it means anyone can get it. He took out a giant, a living legend, a former multi-time World champ. He’s big, he’s Black, he’s jacked. Paul should stay away, because anyone can get it.

After a break, it’s time for a squash!

Wardlow vs. Evan Daniels

Mr. Mayhem enters and flattens Daniels before his name can be announced. Swanton bomb! Power Bomb! And the referee calls it right there.

Wardlow def. Evan Daniels via referee stoppage

He exits as the announce team reminds us that Wardlow hates MJF, and that we’ll hear from MJF later. They then run down the Full Gear card.

Ricky Starks and Big Bill enter, as Starks is going to do some commentary work for our next match between two members of the teams will challenge for their belts tomorrow night.

La Faccion Ingobernable is out with El Toro Blanco, while Dax the Axe is alone.

Dax Harwood vs. RUSH

Lock-ups and chops to start. They fight to the floor after Harwood connects with a crossbody, but out there RUSH puts Dax down before bouncing him off every barricade he can find. Back in the ring, we get another chop exchange and FTR bald’s chest is bleeding. He punks Harwood out with the running knees, then stomps him before hitting the tranquilo pose. They’re brawling on the outside again as we go PiP.

It’s still all RUSH when we return. He gets two off a suplex. Harwood blocks a follow-up and hits a two of his own in response. Chops continue as they set-up on the top. Dax wins that and rises up, but RUSH recovers to sit him back down. SUPERPLEX! Harwood kicks out at two!

They each have wrist control for more chops, and the crowd is into it. The strikes move from the chest to the face and both men are down! LA is on RUSH’s side as we head down the home stretch. Piledriver from Harwood, but he can’t get the cover immediately and can only get two. RUSH drives Dax headfirst into the ring post, then takes Jose the Assistant’s advice and goes to jaw with Starks at commentary. He piefaces him, then heads inside to deliver the horns, but Ricky spears him!

Big Bill gets on the apron, Cash Wheeler runs in and the bell sounds.

Dax Harwood vs. RUSH ends in a no contest

All the Tag title partipants are out. Bill and Brody stalk towards each other, then go under the ring to get a ladder! Dralistico kicks it into them, Wheeler flie in King, and Bryce Remsburg is out with an army of officials and security to try and restore order! They’re still trying as we get another break.

The busy Lexy Nair is with Action Andretti when we return. She asks him about Darius Martin after The Kingdom’s attack last week. He’s cut off by Roderick Strong & company before he can answer. They joke about Martin’s “weak ass neck”, then Roddy says he’s found his next victim... AAACCCTTTIIIOOONNN!

They’ve cleared the ring area, and it’s back to action...

Buddy Matthews vs. Wheeler Yuta

Technical wrestling to start. Matthews gets the first takedown, but Yuta recovers and drives Buddy to the outside. When he follows, the House of Black member sends him crashing into the barricade, but the Blackpool Combat Club member quickly returns the favor. Back and forth as the head back into the ring. They exchange strikes on the apron, then Matthews sends Yuta face-first into the announce desk as we go PiP.

Matthews in control, but Wheeler eats a kick and then powers up with a forearm to the mouth that gets him back in it. Buddy is driven to his knees, but first back with a big knee. We’re trading big shots and counters now. Bridging German from Yuta gets two. Another nearfall on Matthews after another exchange, and both men are down.

On the apron, Yuta goes for the suplex but that’s blocked. Matthews sends him into the post, then drops him across the top turnbuckle. They fight for control up top, Wheeler gets separation with kicks to the face, then flies with a splash across the back of his head that sends him into the ring. By the time he covers he can only get two.

Sets up the Aussie for Bryan Danielson’s head kicks, but he takes too much time. Matthews takes control with a flurry that ends with a stomp.

Buddy Matthews def. Wheeler Yuta via pinfall

Matthews gets a chair for some post-match violence, but Claudio Castagnoli runs in to prevent that. He gets a microphone and says that if he wants the BCC’s attention he doesn’t need a spooky promo, all you have to do is ask. Buddy’s been pissing him off for weeks, and he likes to make his challenges in the light, He’d hate to have flown all the way out here without kicking somebody’s ass, so if he doesn’t have to ask Malakai’s permission, how bout they fight at Full Gear? Buddy nods, so it looks like it’s on.

On the heels of that addition to the card, we get a video package for Jon Moxley vs. Orange Cassidy tomorrow night.

Collision main event time...

The Outcasts (Saraya & Ruby Soho) vs. Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander

The Women’s World champ starts with Soho. Side headlock from Soho, but Shida gets free and dropkicks Ruby into the corner. Hikaru stretches her then drops her before tagging in the TBS champ. A slam gets two, but Soho counters a follow-up into a cover. She tags in Saraya after Stat kicks out.

Shoulder tackle gets Statlander two as we see Julia Hart watching on a monitor backstage. Saraya takes control with a kick. Tandem move attempted but Statlander suplexes them both then makes a tag as we see Skye Blue watching backstage. The numbers game gets to Shida as we go PiP once again.

We see Soho suitor Cool Hand Ang in the crowd as we return, and he must be a jinx because Hikaru gets free for the tag shortly thereafter. Stat comes in hot, and when they brawl outside Ruby sends the TBS champ crashing into the barricade in front of Ang. They smile at each other, which lets Statlander recover and fire back.

Back inside with Shida and Saraya legal, they take each other out with crossbodies. A knee sends Soho off the apron where she’s tended to by Cool Hand, and another puts Saraya down. While the cameras are on the lovers, Saraya takes control in the ring. She’s not happy when she see what’s happening on the floor. Stat flies in with a clothesline and accidentally puts down Ang. In the ring, a Katana puts down the former champ.

Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander def. The Outcasts via pinfall (Shida on Saraya)

There’s only a few minutes left on Collision, and we’re going to spend them with Schiavone interviewing Our Scumbag.

Tony asks Max why he’s agreed to face The Gunns alone on the pre-show tomorrow. MJF says he won’t let Adam Cole down and will do whatever it takes to keep the ROH Tag titles tomorrow.

Next they cover Jay White stealing the Triple B. Switchblade reminds the champ of himself. He knows he stole the belt not to prove to the world he’s championship material, but to prove to himself that he is. And tomorrow he’s winning and getting his belt back.

Schiavone asks what the likelihood of him leaving Full Gear with his titles is. MJF asks how likely his success is in a bunch of different ways, then says unfortunately for Bullet Club Gold and his detractors, he likes his odds tomorrow night.

Time to Rampage! Chris Jericho is joining commentary for our final hour. And we’re starting with out title match!

Trent Beretta vs. Christian Cage

Nick Wayne & Luchasaurus are out with their (and AEW’s) Patriarch. Beretta is in charge early, and the champ seems to blame his charges for that. While the announcers make a Steiner Math joke, Cage grabs the referees shirt to allow his boys to get in a cheap shot on Trent. He crashes to the floor as Christian poses and we gets some commercials.

The turtlenecked one is still in charge as we return to full screen. A weary Beretta musters up a spear through the ropes to get back in it, then puts the champ down with a half-and-half suplex. In the corner, Cage slips through the ropes for his kick spot. An open hand strike leaves Christian prone on top and the Best Friend bites him before head scissoring him to the mat! Cage begs for time, but is able to counter the inevitable spear attempt with a knee. Spinning DDT... one, two, no!

Beretta pounces but still can’t get three, and Cage also manages to barely kick out after taking Strong Zero. Distractions from Luchasaurus and Wayne create an opening for Christian, who targets Trent’s neck to send a message to his former tag partner. After a stomp to the back of the head and whipping him face first into the bottom turnbuckle, he hits the Kill Switch.

Christian Cage def. Trent Beretta via pinfall to retain the TNT title

Jericho cuts a promo on Matt & Nick Jackson from commentary, selling The Golden Jets vs. The Young Bucks on PPV tomorrow night.

Timeless Toni Storm vs. Emi Sakura

Storm hands Sakura a script, but she isn’t feeding into Toni’s delusion. Sakura is in control, with Luther saving Storm from being in even worse shape as we head to commercial. A Harwood/RUSH-esque chop fest is happening when we return, and Storm is getting the best of it. She charges for a hip attack, but Sakura counters with a slam, then brings her up for a delayed backbreaker that gets two.

Emi spends time posing with her boot on Storm’s face, then comes off the top, but Toni evades. She’s ready for her close-up, the cameras go black and white, and then she hits a piledriver to move onto her Hollywood Homecoming with a victory.

Timeless Toni Storm def. Emi Sakura via pinfall

Renee Paquette is with Jay Lethal & crew and Eddie Kingston when we return. Lethal reveals that he got their ROH World title match booked for Zero Hour. Kingston says Lethal is becoming a coward hanging out with Jeff Jarrett, et al. They escort Lethal out so he doesn’t break the no physicality clause and have the match voided. Eddie turns around to see Ortiz standing there. He gives him a head nod and we go to commercial...

The Kingdom wheel Roddy to the ring for our next match. He miraculously rises from his wheelchair and enters the ring

Roderick Strong vs. Action Andretti

Strong attackes before Andretti can get his vest off, but can’t maintain the advantage. Action fires back with a dropkick and rocks Roddy with strikes in the corner. Strong starts his comeback with a kick to the breadbasket, then follows up with chops and forearms.

A kick creates an opening for Andretti, who then goes after Strong’s weak spot with a neckbreaker. Roddy comes back with some roll-ups, but gets lifted up by his neck for another suplex. He rolls out as we go PiP, and The Kingdom gets involved out there to put Strong back in the driver’s seats.

As usual, the heel slows things down during the break and the face’s comeback begins when we return. Springboard splash on the floor, then Andretti hits a Spanish Fly back in the wrong that looked bad. Dr. Sampson comes in to check on Strong and the cameras pan out, so I assume there’s legit concern and its not just Roddy’s gimmick.

They get the go ahead to continue, and Strong hits End of Heartache to wrap it up pretty quickly after that.

Roderick Strong def. Action Andretti via pinfall

We go backstage for Renee Paquette’s interview with Jay White. Their first topic of conversation is who is the Devil, and Switchblade insists that it’s MJF. White also says the notion that he and MJF are similar is just another trick Max is trying to sell the world.

He’s ranting about what things will be like when he’s officially the champ (which entertainingly includes Renee declining to say “Bang Bang Gang”) when MJF runs in and jumps White! They brawl into the hallway where Max briefly gets his hands on the Triple B, then Juice Robinson shows up and drags him into another room. They cut to the announce desk then back to the control room where the champ is laying into a bloodied Juice with a monitor that he then throws at Switchblade!

The brawl comes into the arena, and The Gunns show up, but MJF takes them down. He gets the belt and is ready to blast White with it when Austin and Colten recover and use the numbers advantage. They pry the title from his hands. The Gunns hold him up so Switchblade can hit him with it, and Joe is here!

Samoa Joe runs down to the ring and BCG goes running. Joe corners a wary looking MJF and offers his hand. Switchblade and company are screaming for him not to shake it, but the Kia Forum crowd disagrees. Max takes it, and it looks like he has a partner for Zero Hour... and another World title defense if he wins tomorrow’s main event!

After a rundown of the updated card, we call it a night (well, there’s still a Countdown show on TNT, but your boy is tapping out).

Thanks for Colliding and Rampaging with us tonight!

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