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Paul Wight taken out early, but Omega & Jericho get one on The Callis Family in Sega-sponsored Street Fight

The Street Fight on definitely didn’t shy away from the fact it was sponsored by Sega’s Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name video game. The ring area in Ontario, California was decked out like a Tokyo market, and several of the combatants added yakuza styling to the usual Street Fight gear.

The four-on-four between The Golden Jets & friends and The Don Callis split into three separate fights. In and around the ring, Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi dealt with Brian Cage & Kyle Fletcher. On the Toyota Arena concourse, Chris Jericho battled Konsuke Takeshita. And outside, the hoss fight between Powerhouse Hobbs and Paul “Big Show” Wight played out. It didn’t last long though, as this spot left officials checking on the giant...

Everyone but Wight worked their way back into the arena as the wild scenes settled down into a more traditional — if still hardcore — wrestling match.

Hobbs was neutralized when Jericho & Omega duct taped him to the ropes, then hit him with all manner of plunder until a bottle shot to the head “knocked him out”. Cage slid in to the ring and did some damage to The Golden Jets, but a V Trigger put him down and a One Winged Angel ended the match.

Omega & Jericho get a measure of revenge against Callis & Family. But they’ll be feeling the effects of this one when they have to face The Young Bucks on Saturday with their future as a tag team on the line.

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