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Tony Khan: ‘One of the world’s best wrestlers’ will sign with AEW at Full Gear

AEW’s YouTube

AEW head honcho Tony Khan is known for “huge” announcements and social media trash talk. But during a week that leads up to a head-to-head with WWE on Friday and a PPV on Saturday, he’s actually been pretty quiet.

Until this afternoon (Nov. 15), just hours before Dynamite, when he dropped this:

And just like that, after we swore he wouldn’t get us worked up again when his last announcement turned out to be the pre-sale date for next summer’s All In show, he’s got us again.

The two big names that have come up in free agency talk and/or who’ve been linked to AEW in the past are Will Ospreay and Mercedes Moné. But the former’s New Japan contract isn’t supposed to be up until February, and the latter is supposed to have at least a couple dates left on her own deal with NJPW & Stardom whenever she’s cleared from the ankle injury she suffered last spring. Khan does have a business relationship with both however, so it’s not inconceivable something could be worked out. And the former Sasha Banks did tease this exact thing just last month.

People released by WWE after the Endeavor closed in September — notably names like Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali — could be possibilities, but if they were on main roster deals that weren’t about to expire they wouldn’t be free & clear to sign elsewhere until next month.

Most of the guesses in response to TK’s tweet are tongue-in-cheek (well, maybe not the CM Punk ones... some people will go to their grave believing his firing was a work).

Now give us yours!

Is there a name we’re missing? Will this live up the hype or will again be underwhelming come Full Gear?

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