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Ruby Soho and Cool Hand Angelo Parker have a love thing going on

If you only consume Dynamite in the AEW universe, then you’re missing out on watching love bloom between Ruby Soho and Cool Hand Angelo Parker. In the key of Billy Paul, they got a thing going on.

Flirting has taken place over the past weeks in backstage segments, but it was unclear if Soho would take Ang’s bait. Parker played a cool hand on Rampage sending flowers to Soho. Unfortunately, the gesture arrived at a bad moment. Soho was in the middle of a match. The timing inadvertently led to Red Velvet rallying for the win.

The person who sent the flowers was initially a mystery, but it was cleared up pretty quickly in a backstage segment. Saraya burst in with complaints about the delivery. Ang hinted that there was miscommunication. Soho picked up on it, and flirting intensified in the background as Saraya argued with Daddy Magic in the foreground. The two loudmouths noticed the canoodling and agreed that the potential relationship is a big problem.

This story is a great example of giving mid-card wrestlers something to do to keep our interest. All parties involved are fine in the ring, but their strengths are character work. For example, the timing of their banter is seamless. These backstage scenes allow room to spread their wings and develop emotional connections from the fans. It adds value to the program to hook us in and keep us guessing how it unfolds week to week.

What’s your take on the budding romance story between Ruby Soho and Cool Hand Angelo Parker?

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