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AEW Collision results, live blog (Nov. 11, 2023): Sting, Darby Allin & Adam Copeland trios match

Lance Archer’s X

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Nov. 11) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW taped this week’s show on Friday at Oakland Arena in Oakland, California as they continue the company’s build toward their Full Gear PPV next Saturday in Los Angeles (spoilers are here, if you’re interested - and if you are and choose to discuss them in the comments, please use the spoiler tag).

The main attraction is the debut of the Sting, Adam Copeland & Darby Allin team. They’ll face the Jake Roberts-led trio of Lance Archer & The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch) to get ready for next week’s showdown with Christian Cage, Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne.

Plus, Daniel Garcia faces Andrade El Ídolo as he looks to rebound after coming up short in his World title match on Dynamite, LFI’s RUSH & Dralistico will be in tag action against The WorkHorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry), Willow Nightingale steps to Julia Hart... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


The standard brief 80s style promos to start the show off. Everyone involved on the show tonight says a few words about what we can expect from them.

It’s an alright night for fighting, according to Elton John.

Per usual.

Andrade vs. Daniel Garcia

During his brief promo, Andrade said he would be giving his answer on whether or not he’ll be joining up with CJ Perry. He didn’t make a full entrance before her music hit and she joined him in the aisle. He looked back to her and nodded with a smile, and she returned the gesture.

It looks like the two are in business together moving forward. Miro was shown watching this backstage, and he did not look pleased.

They went to a stalemate at first, trying to one up each other with their respective gimmicks. Andrade tried to bully him a bit but Garcia kept fighting him off. He did enough to get the chance to confront Perry on the outside and he did his dance for her to a big pop. She acted as thought she liked it at first but then mocked him.

Back in the ring, Garcia took control for a time but Andrade eventually battled back. He couldn’t put him away with Three Amigos, and they began a much bigger back-and-forth from there. Garcia delivered his best shots but it wasn’t enough and he still ended up in the Figure Eight.

Andrade def. Daniel Garcia via submission

After, Perry got in the ring and gave Andrade a big hug before raising his hand. Miro was shown in the back smiling and shaking his head while patting the monitor he was watching this unfold on.

Nick Wayne vs. Dalton Castle

Castle got the full blown entrance, and was rewarded with chants of his name just before the bell rang. Castle was all over Wayne, running through him in the early going, taunting Christian Cage standing ringside. Wayne made his comeback but when that was falling short, Luchasaurus started climbing up on the apron. The Boys attacked him and were chokeslammed at the same time on the outside. Christian acted like he was going to get in the ring but Castle chased him off. It was all enough to give Wayne the chance to finish off his foe.

Nick Wayne def. Dalton Castle via pinfall

Adam Page cuts a promo on Swerve Strickland, saying it’s a damn shame that he could have challenged for the title but instead he broke into Page’s home. When he did so, he stepped through the gates of hell. So at Full Gear he’s going to take him to the depths, because they’re going to battle it out in a Texas Death Match.

Page told Strickland to cherish every moment he could have had with his family and friends because he’s not going to get to be with them anymore, at least not while he’s still able to walk and talk.

LFI vs. The Workhorsemen

Dralistico started off selling for Drake and Henry both before he tagged Rush in to do some damage and take full control of the match. The Workhorsemen had a moment or two from there but were never really able to get back into the match in any way that looked remotely threatening. In the end, Dralistco sent Henry packing and did a big dive before Rush finished off Drake.

LFI def. The Workhorsemen via pinfall

The House of Black make clear they’re coming for the AEW tag team championship at Full Gear. Meanwhile, Julia Hart suggests a match for tonight that would see her potentially earn an opportunity at Kris Statlander’s TBS championship. She proposed herself vs. Willow Nightingale.

They faded back into the darkness.

They interview Statlander and Willow. Statlander says she can’t trust Hart and doesn’t think she deserves a title match. Actually, she thinks that should go to Willow, who is flattered by the kind words.

Off to see how the evening progresses.

Roderick Strong vs. Darius Martin

They do the bit where The Kingdom rolls Strong down to the ring in his wheelchair and he slowly gathers the courage to stand up and walk up the steps himself. A big moment for those who care about neck health everywhere.

Martin actually got a decent amount of offense in but Strong’s victory was never in doubt. Sure enough, he finished the job with the End of Heartache for the pin.

Roderick Strong def. Darius Martin via pinfall

After helping Strong back to his wheelchair, The Kingdom put the boots to Martin after adn left him laid out in the ring. Action Andretti hit the scene to run the heels off.

Tony Khan standing by with Bryan Danielson.

Khan mentioned Danielson announcing this will be his last year as a full time wrestler. But he’s excited, at least, that Bryan will be able to work the upcoming All In event in London in 2024. Danielson cut a promo saying he can’t wait to be there this time around.

They revealed tickets.

Then, Khan announced a Continental Classic, a tournament featuring 12 wrestlers. It will span six weeks and he revealed the inaugural AEW Continental Classic winner will be crowned on PPV at World’s End. Then he revealed Danielson will be the first participant in the tournament.

Danielson cut another promo, saying there is nothing that could stop him from competing in this and all the wrestlers involved are going to put on the best tournament ever.

Julia Hart vs. Willow Nightingale

Willow threw Hart around early. They showed Skye Blue watching the match backstage. Nightingale was more or less doing what she wanted, enough so that Brody King got involved to drag Hart to safety at one point. Still, she persisted, flashing some bright spots throughout the match, weakening Willow as it went on.

Ultimately, she avoided a big lariat and came from behind to hit one of her. That set her up for a moonsault, which was enough to get the three count.

Julia Hart def. Willow Nightingale via pinfall

Ricky Starks and Big Bill interviewed. Lexi asks how they feel about all the teams gunning for their titles. Starks says they don’t want to be bothered by any of these people ever.

Bill says they aren’t going to wrestle any of them and then Lexi announces that actually they would be defending the titles against all of them at Full Gear.

Starks says they may not have a long history together but he and Bill are the baddest dudes in the locker room, and they’ll prove themselves once again.

Paul Wight joined the commentary crew.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. a local athlete

This was a squash match. Hobbs beat the guy up and pinned him.

Powerhouse Hobbs def. a local athlete via pinfall

During the match, Hobbs talked a bit of trash to Wight, who said it would be a mistake for Hobbs to run up against him. After the match, Don Callis got on the mic and said in just a few short days the family will be involved in the Street Fight on Dynamite. He reminds us that Hobbs broke Chris Jericho not long ago, and Jericho responded by calling the last friend he could possibly call.

That man just so happens to be the biggest man in pro wrestling, Mr. Paul Wight. Callis called him a stand up guy and that’s why he came around to help Jericho. But while he may have won the lottery in terms of his physical size, maybe he got short changed in the brains department because only an idiot would go up against the family.

Callis told Wight he could change his mind, it’s not too late. Jericho is a narcissist who will use him and lose him. He got out of the ring and went straight to the commentary desk to get right up on him. He called Wight a scared giant and said he runs things here. As a reminder, he buried two giants in his career and he’s happy to have Hobbs do the same for him here.

He ordered as much but Hobbs didn’t attack, instead pushing a piece of the table at Wight, who got up screaming for him to throw down. Callis dragged Hobbs away instead.

FTR interviewed backstage.

Lexi talks about how they’ve been on a roll lately, including the big win in the main event of Rampage last night. How are they doing? Wheeler calls out Starks and Bill for taking advantage of them. Harwood gets on the mic and says it doesn’t matter who they have to go through, their only goal is the tag team titles so their road back to them starts now.

Main event time.

Lance Archer & The Righteous vs. Sting & Darby Allin & Adam Copeland

Archer knocked out a security guard on his way into the ring. The crowd were giving them “this is awe-some” chants before the match even got underway. They did all the usual early match stuff before spending multiple commercial breaks getting the heat on. When it came time for the big babyface comeback, it was Copeland who got the hot tag and ran wild on everyone.

Allin hit the Coffin Drop on Archer. In the ring, Sting laid out The Righteous with punches before a Scorpion Death Drop to Dutch. Then, a Stinger Splash to Vincent followed by a Spear and Copeland scoring the pinfall before Archer could make the save.

Sting & Darby Allin & Adam Copeland def. Lance Archer & The Righteous via pinfall

While the babyfaces celebrate, Christian Cage’s music hits and he shows up on the stage to stare down everyone in the ring, with an emphasis on Copeland. They fade out going back and forth between the two.


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