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Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight is back for a street fight with the Callis Family

After successfully defeating Daddy Magic Matt Menard & Cool Hand Ang Parker in tag action on the Nov. 1 AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega were confronted by their nemesis Don Callis.

Sensing that he has the numbers with Kyle Fletcher now in the fold, Callis challenged Jericho and Omega to a Street Fight on the Nov. 15 Dynamite in Ontario, California. But Kenny was ready with one teammate for his side, announcing that his Golden Lovers partner Kota Ibushi was ready to join him & his Golden Jets partner Jericho.

Don pointed out that still left them a man down, and that with Powerhouse Hobbs in his Family they’d definitely have the size advantage. But as he alluded to in an interview last Wednesday, Jericho used to team with an actual giant. When he brought that up again this week’s Dynamite, Paul Wight appeared behind the Callis Family. And he was ready for action in his familiar singlet! A WMD punch put Fletcher down for the count, and we have ourselves a four-on-four Street Fight in two weeks!

Excited to have Big Show back in action? Who do you have in the Omega, Jericho, Ibushi, Wight vs. Konosuke Takeshita, Hobbs, Fletcher & (presumably) Sammy Guevara battle in two weeks?

Get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s Dynamite here.

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