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MJF doesn’t get his belt back, scissors Max Caster anyway

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is officially the AEW World champion. But his actual title (which he customized and calls the Big Burberry Belt, aka “The Triple B”) has been in the possession of the man he’s wrestling at Full Gear later this month — Switchblade Jay White. Bullet Club Gold’s leader stole the strap in early October after being jumped by a group of masked attackers he insists was led by MJF.

That masked Devil made an appearance early on the Nov. 1 Dynamite, after MJF video chatted with his injured best friend Adam Cole to get advice on who he should get to team with him in the main event. If the champ could find three men to join him for a tag match against the Bang Bang Gang’s White, Juice Robinson & The Gunns, and win of course, Switchblade would give Max back the Triple B.

Cole suggested MJF take Samoa Joe up on his offer to help, then the were interrupted by Roderick Strong & The Kingdom. Max rejected their offer, and The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass’, last week.

Max Caster wasn’t giving up on a dream match with his crush, though. And after MJF was turned down by everyone in the building except for Jeff Jarrett and company...

... he begrudgingly accepted The Acclaimed’s offer... even though it meant wearing an outfit Caster picked out himself.

MJF wanted to get his hands on White at any cost, while also trying to avoid Caster’s repeated attempts to put his hands on the champ despite MJF’s repeated requests that Caster not touch him.

He was impressed when Billy Gunn took out his own sons, but still wouldn’t scissor Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass when they asked him to at the match’s midway point.

Whether or not MJF would scissor became as much the story of this match as whether the champ would get his belt back. He seemed poised to after a commercial break, but White & company pulled The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass out of the ring before it could happen.

The Bang Bang Gang isolated Caster on the outside, and when referee Bryce Remsburg told his teammates to back off MJF did. That allowed Bowens & Billy to be taken down too, but Max got free to tag in the other Max. It looked like the champ would win his title back single-handedly. But after he thought he’d cleared the ring with Kangaroo Kicks...

...Switchblade slid in behind him for Bladerunner. One, two, three later, and the belt was still in the challenger’s possession.

White really wanted to use The Triple B to knock the champ out, but when he charged to do so Caster got in the way.

MJF checked on him but still refused to lock fingers until Billy Gunn went Bad Ass and screamed “YOU FUCKING SCISSOR HIM NOW” in his face. With proof of Max’s friendship and that message from Daddy Ass, the Maxs finally scissored.

So MJF has more friends than just Adam Cole now it seems. But he still doesn’t have his title, and probably won’t get it back unless he beats Switchblade at Full Gear.

And we still don’t know who’s wearing that dang Devil mask...

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