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Tony Khan’s latest important announcement will lead to more jokes about his next one

One of the ways AEW promoted the Nov. 1 episode of Dynamite was by promising an important announcement from owner, president & head of creative Tony Khan. Such announcements have been frequent enough — and rarely seen as being terribly“important” by outsiders — that they’ve become a running joke online.

Even members of Khan’s roster have fun with them...

So would tonight’s be worthy of the word “important”, or the butt of more jokes?

It’ll be jokes... because it was about a pre-sale for All In London 2 next August. After some odd set-up involving Christmas trees, TK and Nigel McGuinness told us how we can sign up to buy tickets for the show at Wembley Stadium.

In fairness, a lot of those tickets went fast this year. And websites like this one wouldn’t pay as much attention to a pre-sale announcement without the “Tony Khan has an important announcement” hype.

But the mocking will be louder next time we’re promised a big/huge/important announcement from TK.

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