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John Morrison is mining comedy gold with QTV

AEW is striking gold with several hilarious comedy troupes. The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass, MJF and Adam Cole as Brochachos, Roderick Strong with the Kingdom as the Neck Strong tribe, Bullet Club Gold, and the list goes on. The latest group stepping up with comedy chops is QTV, led by John Morrison in the absence of QT Marshall.

QTV has the occasional silly segment on television, usually during Rampage.

It’s what they have put together off screen that I want to shine light on. Sit back and have a laugh courtesy of Johnny TV, Harley Cameron, and Aaron Solo.

Johnny and Solo practiced a dance routine with Harley crooning a tune. I can’t stop wheezing with laughter at Johnny’s split exit.

The QTV crew was back again. This time, they practiced unpredictable fighting moves. Solo is morphing into a Johnny mini-me with the slow-mo sprinkler dance. The prime nugget of laughter for me is Harley’s quick reactions swatting a bottle of water into Solo’s face.

If you are wondering if Harley can bust a move in the ring, take a peak at her appearance in AAA to support QT Marshall. She did a few tricks assisted by the luchadores. It was more showmanship than wrestling.

What do you think the ceiling is for the QTV crew in AEW?

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