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Max Caster’s thirsty love affair with MJF

With Adam Cole out due to injury, MJF is need of friends. He may be forced to reluctantly jump into the arms of Max Caster if Bullet Club Gold keeps up their wicked games ambushing the champ.

During Dynamite, an awkward scene played of Caster sneaking up on MJF for a massage in the trainer’s room. MJF was livid about the harassment.

The tension in that scene was out of left field for anyone unaware of the social media context.

Caster has been gawking MJF for a long time. Platinum Max conveniently edited a voice clip short showing MJF praising the Acclaimed.

The full quote from MJF is, “Everybody loves the Acclaimed, except me.”

Caster also has his eyes on the Triple B, and he’s not talking about the Big Burberry Belt.

Caster leaned in on the crotch takes.

Caster has even worn MJF’s t-shirts.

MJF has grown tired of the advances.

In truth, MJF and Caster are old pals who trained together at the Create A Pro Wrestling Academy on Long Island. You don’t need Steiner match to figure out that MJF plus the Acclaimed and Daddy Ass is equal in numbers to the Bang Bang Gang. Imagine the pop when MJF finally scissors Caster.

Scissor me, Maxie!

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