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Jon Moxley admits he’s ‘barely a real wrestler’ and ‘completely unqualified’ for AEW commentary gig

AEW WrestleDream

When I asked my 67-year-old mother what stood out to her about AEW’s WrestleDream pay-per-view, one of the things she mentioned was how much she loved Jon Moxley’s commentary throughout the show. What can I say, I guess my mom enjoys the occasional four letter word when things are really getting heated in the ring.

Moxley did commentary at WrestleDream because he was not medically cleared to compete after suffering a “mild concussion” in the weeks leading up to the show. While promoting Wrestling Revolver’s Women’s Grand Prix during an interview with Sports Illustrated, Moxley had a sense of humor while discussing his unique brand of commentary:

“It’s actually a lot harder than you think. I remember doing it once or twice in WWE–there’s guys on the headset, counting down, camera shots, video packages, and you don’t want to talk while anyone else is talking. There is a lot of traffic to navigate. Hopefully I didn’t make the other three guys’ lives more difficult.

I’ve been paid to star in a movie, and I’m not a real actor. I got paid to write a book and I’m not a real writer. I’m barely a real wrestler. So this is another thing that someone paid me to do that I am completely unqualified to do. I don’t know how I keep getting so lucky.”

I bet the most difficult aspect of the commentary gig for Moxley was the part where he can’t bleed doing it.

Jon is back in the ring next week (Oct. 10) on the Title Tuesday episode of Dynamite, where he’ll probably defeat Rey Fenix and become the new AEW International champion. In other words, his days as an AEW commentator appear to be over for now.

How did you feel about Moxley’s performance at the AEW commentary desk, Cagesiders?

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