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Christian had three words for Adam Copeland after heartfelt reunion plea

Adam “Edge” Copeland debuted for AEW Sunday night (Oct. 1), but he didn’t say anything within the confines of the show he helped close — WrestleDream. He saved his “mission statement” for Dynamite, but first he had to say hello to a couple fellow Canadians and introduce himself to another.

Their night didn’t go great, but Copeland didn’t dwell on that too much when he came out to talk in Dynamite’s final segment (a vet like the WWE Hall of Famer knows these things happen in the pro wrestling game).

Stockton, California was fired up to see him, giving him his first “Adam” chant. Once that died down a little bit, Copeland teased going after the AEW World title. He also ran through a list of first-ever matches the AEW roster allows him.

Then he got to his #1 reason for joining Tony Khan’s company, again telling the story about how his daughter Lyric told him to “go have fun with Uncle Jay”. And with that, The Rated R Superstar called out his long-time friend and tag partner, the TNT champion Christian Cage (whose real name is Jay Reso).

Christian arrived, but he did not seem happy to see his childhood chum. Copeland knows Cage can be a [bleep], but he loves him anyway. But when he saw him standing over Sting of all people — someone they looked up to as kids and who’s made people feel things in the ring for 40 years. Plus, Adam knows Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne are going to get whatevern knowledge they can from their father figure and leave him laying.

Instead of that outcome, Copeland wants them to team up. To have matches with the likes of FTR and The Young Bucks, and show people they are one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the business!

We got a five second pose as the legends hugged, but Adam and Lyric didn’t get the outcome they wanted. Instead, the TNT champ told Copeland to “Go f*** yourself”.

Then he walked up the ramp and called for his boys, giving the former Edge a reminder that next Tuesday on Dynamite, he has to go up against the dinosaur-man... and something tells us Cage & Wayne won’t be far behind.

Get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s WrestleDream fallout/4th Anniversary edition of Dynamite here.

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