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Bryan Danielson & Zack Sabre Jr. angle for a rematch in a pair of great promos

Bryan Danielson and Zack Sabre Jr. put on a clinic of technical wrestling in a classic at WrestleDream, but it was a strike that won the match. That method of outcome rubbed both wrestlers the wrong way, and it sounds like another round is in order.

In a backstage promo, Danielson wasn’t satisfied winning via Busaiku Knee. The American Dragon was positively emotional getting to wrestle a match of that style in his hometown. Unfortunately, the result did not give a definitive answer on who is the best technical wrestler in the world. Since Danielson had to knock Sabre out, that put doubt in mind.

Danielson kicked the intensity up a notch with questioning Sabre’s heart to compete. Danielson wrestles with all his soul, while Sabre plays it smart. The American Dragon’s career might end early because of the toll that fighting style takes on his health. We only get one life, and that’s the way the Danielson wants to live.

Be sure to watch the video to fully soak in Danielson’s emotion.

Sabre reacted to the outcome with disgust. He accused brittle Bryan of a scoundrel move to chicken out by going for the knockout instead of winning by submission. Sabre wants a rematch in the UK or Japan, and he will send dickhead Danielson into retirement for good.

Sabre’s saucy reply is comedy gold.

It certainly sounds like a rematch is still needed to settle this debate.

Share your reaction to the promos from Danielson and Sabre. Who do you think is the best technical wrestler in the world?

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