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MJF defeats Kenny Omega and will break his record for the longest AEW world title reign of all-time

The main event of tonight’s (Oct. 28) episode of Collision was an AEW world championship match that featured Kenny Omega challenging MJF for the gold. The reason why this match was happening on TV instead of pay-per-view is because Omega was trying to stop MJF from breaking his record for having the longest title reign with this belt.

There was a hype video for the match on last night’s Rampage where it was strongly hinted that Don Callis and Jay White might interfere in this match. Samoa Joe also made sure to have a friendly chat with MJF earlier on Collision to let him know that he’d be around to get involved too, just in case Max needed him out there.

With all of these outside parties being so invested in the outcome of MJF vs. Omega, there was no way this world title match was having a clean finish on TV, right?

It turns out that Don Callis was the only one of these people who ran down to ringside to affect the match. Omega had MJF in position for the One-Winged Angel finishing move, but Kenny was distracted by Don’s presence and didn’t execute the move.

Don jumped on the apron a short while later after Omega landed a V-Trigger and nearly had the match won, so the referee ejected Callis from ringside.

With everything now down to an exhausted MJF and Omega, the current champion proved to be the better man. He used his best friend Adam Cole’s Panama Sunrise move to great effect and then finished Kenny off with the Heatseeker.

Kenny shook MJF’s hand after the match, with the likes of Wardlow, Samoa Joe, Bullet Club Gold, and Powerhouse Hobbs watching on from the back.

With this victory, MJF will now break Kenny’s record in a couple of days to become the longest reigning AEW world champion of all-time.

Was MJF vs. Omega just as good as you thought it would be, Cagesiders?

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