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Don Callis adds a new member to his Family in AEW

Don Callis opened his loving arms to embrace a new member to the family. The play went down unexpectedly for a surprise invitation on Rampage.

Kyle Fletcher wrestled Konosuke Takeshita in the evening’s main event. The match was a firecracker of action. Callis initially blamed Fletcher as a colossal failure for causing the Callis Family’s only loss, but Dandy Don saw potential in the young gun. Callis was focused on the spark of fire in Fletcher’s eyes. As the match progressed, Fletcher showed tremendous intestinal fortitude and fighting spirit. In the end, Takeshita executed an awesome wheelbarrow German suplex en route to victory via running knee strike.

Despite the recent flashes of greatness, Fletcher was once again on the losing end. Callis had no time to deal with lemons. Scarface changed his tune during post-match activity.

Takeshita tossed Fletcher from the ring to allow safe passage for Callis. As the Callis Family celebrated, Fletcher re-emerged with rage. He whacked Takeshita and Will Hobbs in the back with a steel chair. Takeshita went down, but Hobbs stayed strong. Powerhouse choked Fletcher in the corner. That’s when Callis intervened to stop Hobbs.

Callis was excited about the hate in Fletcher’s soul. He calmed down the situation and requested that Fletcher become his apprentice. Callis viewed the hatred as the missing ingredient in Fletcher’s package. Callis welcomed Fletcher to the family.

The Callis Family now includes Don Callis, Konosuke Takeshita, Sammy Guevara, Will Hobbs, Kyle Fletcher, and associate of convenience Will Ospreay.

What’s your reaction to Don Callis taking on Kyle Fletcher as an apprentice?

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