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Jon Moxley comments on his sobriety: ‘It’s f***ing hard’

AEW Collision

Jon Moxley entered an inpatient alcohol treatment program in November 2021 and was back in AEW by early 2022. He has previously told his story of battling alcohol addiction, and now he’s talking about the difficulties of maintaining sobriety.

In an interviewer with The Messenger, Moxley said he’s dealing with a different kind of challenge each day:

“It’s fucking hard. It’s not the same hell as before, but it’s a completely different challenge every single day where you don’t know what direction it might go in.

I would love to give you like a positive, self-help book-type answer or something about fucking sunshine and rainbows and fairies and shit, but that’s really not reality. It’s been good on the whole, it’s been good. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. But, you know, you will pay for it on the other side, your choices you make in your life.

...You fuck up your brain chemistry. It takes a lot of time for your body and the physical damage you’ve done to yourself to regulate itself.”

Moxley continued by saying it’s important to set an example for his young daughter Nora, and he might be dead if it wasn’t for his wife Renee Paquette:

“Whatever I do, whatever choices I make, [Nora’s] going to see that. Or see that eventually as she gets older.

...Without Renee, I couldn’t even tell you what my life would have ended up like. It’s probably the most fortunate thing to ever happen. God knows. I could be fucking buried in the desert in Vegas right now.”

On the wrestling side of things, Mox says his tolerance for bullshit is completely gone:

“Pro wrestling specifically is full of bullshit and bullshitters. I’ve always had a very low tolerance for bullshit. But now it’s fucking non-existent, my level of patience for bullshit.”

That stance is entirely consistent with his reaction to getting dragged into the “dumb shit” backstage drama with CM Punk in AEW.

After missing a few weeks with a mild concussion, Moxley is back in the ring and ready to continue being a main event workhorse for AEW. Who would you like to see him wrestle in the coming months, Cagesiders?

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