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MJF keeps his Dynamite Diamond Ring & books a dream match with Kenny Omega as all his storylines converge

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AEW edited their plan for 2023’s Dynamite Diamond Ring program after criticism of the anti-semitic elements of Juice Robinson’s bullying of Maxwell Jacob Friedman. But they stayed the course on having Robinson win last Wednesday’s battle royal for the right challenge MJF for the ring, and the two men faced off on Oct. 25’s Dynamite with Max trying to remain the only holder of the DDR in its five year history.

At MJF’s request, their match opened the episode. The AEW World champion alluded to the “quarters” promo from Robinson two weeks ago in an opening interview before vowing to end Juice, but that was somewhat diluted by reminders of his multiple big storylines with a phone call to Adam Cole, an appearance by Cole’s other best friend Roderick Strong & The Kingdom, and a shot of the devil-masked attacker who took out Robinson’s Bullet Club Gold partner & Max’s Full Gear challenger Jay White.

Once we got to the match, MJF came in hot and had Juice busted open and on his back foot from the opening bell. With plenty of help from The Gunns, Robinson fought his way back into contention. It built to a moment where Austin & Colten Gunn had referee Bryce Remsburg distracted so Juice could produce his cubic zirconium ring. But the champ was ahead of them, and slipped on his diamond version.

A loaded punch and a Heat Seeker lately, and the Dynamite Diamond Ring was staying with Our Scumbag.

All of those storylines we mentioned above were about to come into play in the aftermath — and a couple we forgot. White left commentary as The Gunns jumped MJF in the aftermath, which brought out Strong and The Kingdom to attempt the save. They failed (probably because Roddy stayed in his wheelchair), so The Acclaimed ran in and actually made the save.

The Bang Bang Gang talked some trash from the ramp, leading to MJF accepting a handicap challenge from The Gunns for his & Cole’s Ring of Honor Tag belts at Full Gear, and an eight-man to get his pilfered AEW belt back from Switchblade next Wednesday.

Both the #NeckStrong trio and The Acclaimed thought they should join Max for the Nov. 1 Dynamite, but MJF’s issues with Roddy and Max Caster led him to turn down both.

So who will he team with? We didn’t have time to think about it before Kenny Omega showed up!

Omega was reacting to MJF taunting him about the fact he’ll soon break the record for longest AEW World title reign. He said that if Max is the kind of champion the fans want him to be, that he thinks MJF wants to be, he’ll give Kenny the chance to defend his streak. The champ agreed to set up another huge match, this Saturday on Collision.

How will he defend a belt that figures to be in White’s possession until at least next week? We forgive MJF if the logistics slipped his mind, seeing as he’s currently juggling approximately 18 storylines.

19 if we count the fact Wardlow is promising to take everything from him, as we were reminded in a video segment that followed all of the above.

Phew. At least Samoa Joe didn’t show up.

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