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Tony Khan’s gift for Sting is something that’s never happened before

At least according to Tony Schiavone.

With Collision’s “dream match” of Andrade El Ídolo vs. Bryan Danielson, AEW owner, president & head booker Tony Khan refocused the debate about his promotional stylings away from his Twitter X trolling and back onto his propensity to overhype announcements.

TK’s role on the Oct. 25 Dynamite isn’t to make an announcement per se, but his promised gift for Sting — who announced last Wednesday his last match before retiring will be next year at AEW’s annual late winter/early spring Revolution PPV — is likely to fuel the debate about whether he over-promises and under-delivers.

Especially after Tony Schiavone teased it this way on the latest AEW Control Center video:

“Tony Khan now says he has a very special gift for Sting that he’ll present to him tonight. This will be an historic gift. Yes — I said historic. Nothing like this has ever happened to a wrestler in pro wrestling. So stay tuned for that tonight.”

We’ve been racking our brains in the Cageside offices trying to think of what could meet those criteria, and aren’t coming up with much besides maybe an ownership stake in the company? Maybe Sting will get the gift of Ring of Honor...

Let us know what you can think of that’s never happened to a wrestler in pro wrestling before. We’ll find out what the gift is together in our Dynamite live blog tonight.

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