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CJ Perry managing Andrade?

CJ Perry was back on television this week, as she came to AEW Collision to watch her husband, Miro, take on someone she was considering making a new client, Action Andretti. She wants to be the best damn manager in the business once again and if not with Miro himself, then someone else.

Miro’s response to this was to crush Andretti, something he did on this week’s show while Perry watched ringside. She didn’t seem entirely unhappy with the result — or maybe she’s just too smitten with the hubby.

Either way, the message was sent:

Later, though, Perry decided to shoot a shot of her own by interrupting an Andrade interview with a teaser:

Like the tweet says, he didn’t say yes but he also didn’t say no.

He just better be watching his back for Miro.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Collision this week:

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