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Santana and Ortiz are building a hot grudge match with promo battle

If you’re skipping out on Rampage, then you are missing one of the hotter feuds in AEW right now. Santana and Ortiz have sizzling beef with hot fire through a promo battle to build toward a grudge match.

The story centers around Santana’s desire to move forward solo rather than continue with the Proud & Powerful tag team. Tension toward Ortiz built when Santana referred to his partner as a crutch. That brought into question if Santana and Ortiz were blurring the lines of work and shoot bringing real life drama into a storyline.

Ortiz responded by criticizing the way Santana is doing business. Instead of airing grievances face to face, Ortiz accused Santana of chickening out as a fake tough guy. He viewed Santana as the same fragile little kid running from the truth. Ortiz plans to expose Santana.

Santana confronted Ortiz the following week. Santana questioned Ortiz’s sincerity not reaching out for support during injury and rehab. Ortiz played the little violin for the sob story. Tensions flared with a challenge for a match to settle their issues the only way they know how.

AEW announced a date for the fight. Santana and Ortiz are set to rumble on the October 27 episode of Rampage. AEW produced a promo package to hype the contest. Santana and Ortiz had differing viewpoints of their relationship, and they are ready to put the nail in the coffin.

Are these promos from Santana and Ortiz selling you on the fight?

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