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AEW Collision & Battle of the Belts VIII results, live blog (Oct. 21, 2023): Danielson vs. Andrade


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision — and Battle of the Belts VIII, airing live tonight (Oct. 21) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

The show comes our way from FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee.

Collision will feature Tony Khan’s dream match pitting Bryan Danielson against Andrade El Ídolo, Ricky Starks & Big Bill defending their AEW Tag titles against Blackpool Combat Club's Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta, Eddie Kingston vs. Jeff Jarrett in a Memphis Street Fight with an ROH title shot for Jay Lethal on the line, and Miro one-on-one with Action Andretti.

Then at 10pm on BotB, John Silver tries to take the International championship from Orange Cassidy, TBS champ Kris Statlander defends against Willow Nightingale, and The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass put the AEW Trios titles on the line against Matt Menard, Angelo Parker & Daniel Garcia,

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision (and Battle of the Belts) live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


It’s Saturday night and therefore alright for fighting.

As you know.

Let us collide.

We’re starting off with the DREAM MATCH.

Bryan Danielson vs. Andrade

In lieu of a detailed blow-by-blow, which I am not good at, I’m going to give you the gist of these matches from here on out. It will be better for both of us.

They worked a bit slow early on, feeling each other out, and then went into a whole lot of reversals and back-and-forth battling. The idea, clearly, was to establish both as top talents with a deep arsenal. Danielson kicked him off the Figure Four a few times. So much of the match was a big back-and-forth, trading all kinds of offense, including some disgusting chops. Both got out of the other’s submission finish.

In the end, after a series of reversal pinfall attempts, it was Bryan who finally rolled into one that kept Andrade’s shoulders to the mat for the three count.

Bryan Danielson def. Andrade via pinfall

After the match, they shook hands and Andrade raised Danielson’s arm to the sky.

Then, the lights went out as Bryan was up on the second rope celebrating. When they came back up, Malakai Black was in the ring and he laid out Danielson with the Black Mass.

“Holy shit” chants rang out.

BCC hit the ring to help Danielson and the lights went out again. Black was gone when they came back up.

A video of Darby Allin talking about Nick Wayne asking him why fans hate him so much. He said he told Wayne not to listen to a single word the fans say because on his deathbed none of their words would matter. But he listened anyway and look at what has happened now.

He’ll be on Dynamite this coming Wednesday and if Wayne wants to say something, come there and do it.

Skye Blue vs. Hollyhood Haley

Tony Schiavone said Blue was clearly very sullen while Haley, who was mocking Blue for as much, was making her Collision debut. Blue put the boots to Haley at first, then Haley got some surprise offense in, but it was never going to matter. Blue was here to win and she rolled her up and did just that.

Skye Blue def. Hollyhood Haley via pinfall

It wasn’t quite a squash match, considering how it played out, but close enough.

The Gunns vs. The Outrunners

Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd have two of the best names in the business but they were here to get beat up, and that’s exactly what happened. They didn’t really get any offense in before the 3:10 to Yuma and the three count.

The Gunns def. The Outrunners via pinfall

Kevin Kelly called this a mission statement from The Gunns, that they want to be draped in gold and this is taking them towards that goal.

Oh wait, the lights go out.


The lights go back up and Jay White is spooked in the ring, demanding answers. The fans start chanting for MJF.

The Gunns and White head for the back with White saying “we’re not falling for that.”

Orange Cassidy is interviewed backstage.

Kris Statlander shows up in frame and says she needs to get ready and she needs a pump, so does she mind? She picks Lexi up and starts doing squats with her.

It ends up being a promo for Battle of the Belts tonight.

Cassidy says “yeah, I guess” when asked if he’s ready.

It’s time for the Memphis Street Fight.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Eddie Kingston

Dave Brown is out on commentary for this match. Jarrett and Jay Lethal do some rabble rousing of the commentary team before Kingston makes his entrance.

They wasted no time getting to the gimmicks, with Jarrett rushing the stage with a garbage can lid. They fought over to a table and started up a food fight. Jarrett used a fence as a weapon. More garbage lids. Jarrett tried to use ketchup and mustard on Kingston, who stopped him short, took the condiments for himself, and used them against Double J. Incredible stuff.

Jay Lethal hit Kingston with a cutter from the stage through a table a few feet below after Karen Jarrett got involved. When they got back to the ring, Jarrett targeted the knee for a bit with various weapons before locking in the Figure Four. Kingston responded with double birds. When he made his big comeback, he was fighting off the entire group, from Jarrett to Lethal to Sonjay Dutt to even Karen. It was a literal 5-v-1, including Satnam Singh, who Kingston took out with a guitar shot.

Kingston even managed to kick out of The Stroke!

Eventually, the numbers got to be too much and the heels overwhelmed him, as Kingston just ate a bunch of finishers one right after the other. Mercifully, the referee counted him down when it was all over.

Jeff Jarrett def. Eddie Kingston via pinfall

The Acclaimed interviewed by Lexi. Max Caster tries a pickup line on Lexi and she gets upset about it.

Daddy Ass and Anthony Bowens push him off and apologize to her. They say they’ve been champions for 55 days and have no plans to lose the titles anytime soon. Daddy Magic was called a baked potato and when Cool Hand is done cooling his hand he’s going to get his ass lit up.


Everyone loves The Acclaimed.

Hot & flexible rings out over the speakers and it is indeed none other than CJ Perry. She walks out waving to everyone and takes a seat ringside for the following match.

Miro vs. Action Andretti

Perry looking flustered as Miro shows up. A big smile as he walked by, looking smitten.

Miro jumped all over Andretti at the start but Andretti used some high flying to get some offense in. Then again, he hit a springboard right into a huge right hand. Miro tossed him out of the ring and played up to the fans while his wife cheered on. He had all the control and called for Game Over but Andretti ended up fighting his way out and holy shit, he rolls him up for two! Action back to the high flying but when he went to slam him, Miro rolled off and actually called game this time.

Miro def. Action Andretti via submission

Perry was shown applauding her husband. Miro stood over Andretti and looked down at him before bailing out of the ring.

Daddy Magic and Cool Hand Ang with Anna Jay. Lexi asks if they’re on the same page and they get upset about being asked this, claiming they are indeed all on the same page. They end up arguing anyway.

Ruby Soho comes in to be interviewed.

She says everyone seems to think they deserve a championship but you know who actually deserves one? Ruby Soho. She’s laying down the gauntlet. She’s going to become a champion because it’s what she deserves.

Backstage and Eddie Kingston is being tended to by medical staff. He asks them for a minute and says he made Jay Lethal jump through hoops for this title shot because he calls a man who isn’t family his uncle. He used to really love this business but then he went and started hanging with the carny Jarrett.

He used to hang with Jay but now Lethal is not a man anymore, he’s not even a pro wrestler anymore, he’s Jeff Jarrett’s little bitch. He says don’t bring his family to their fight, people he knows, and it’s going to hurt him a lot to have to beat him down in front of them.

His mother is going to cry for him but not because he’s getting beaten but because he deserves it.

FTR is back.

FTR vs. Bad Thad Brown & Darian Bengston

Very shortly into the match, the lights go out. When they come back up, Malakai Black is standing across from FTR. They go out again. When they come up, The House of Black is together and they attack. That leads to the bell ringing.

No contest.

HOB leaves FTR laid out in the ring.

Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ricky Starks & Big Bill

Jim Ross out for the main event. A really slow paced match at the outset. Yuta was the babyface in the role of taking a beating to get the heat on Big Bill. After some time, they built to Yuta getting the hot tag to Claudio while Bill tagged in Starks. This led to, quite literally, 20 lariats in the corner. Castagnoli ran wild for a while until the heels cut him off and regained control to get the heat on once again.

Some hope spots sprinkled in and Claudio picking up Big Bill was impressive. They singled out Starks and he was made to take a whole lot of rotations of the Swing. The crowd didn’t get the count right. The dropkick landed for two, though. Right as Yuta was going up top to fly off Claudio, the House of Black hit the ring to interfere once again.

They did so in such a way that they didn’t cause a DQ, just opened the door for Starks to finish off Yuta.

Ricky Starks & Big Bill def. Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli via pinfall

After, House of Black made like they were going to circle around the tag champions but instead put the boots to Yuta. Bryan Danielson hit the ring to try to help his teammate out but he just ran into a beatdown of his own. FTR showed up to try to help as well, and they, too, got the boots taken to them.

Finally, Wild Thing hit the speakers and Jon Moxley walked in through the crowd to a big pop.

He got mobbed going into the ring but the babyfaces all came alive at the right time and finally it was equal. The heels were sent out. Starks was left alone to take another Swing.

That does it for Collision!


The BCC was still making their exit as Orange Cassidy was making his entrance, and Cassidy decided to bump shoulders with Moxley, who went after him. He was held back from it going any further.

Orange Cassidy vs. John Silver

Silver started the match doing a comedy bit, putting his own hands in Orange’s pockets. So Orange put his hands on Silver’s head and then headbutted him. Nicely played. Silver had some early control, aided by his Dark Order stablemate Alex Reynolds. Cassidy fired up late like he is wont to do. A few big reversal spots for some close near falls. Silver used an airplane spin to get his own near fall while Tony Schiavone put over Cassidy’s resiliency. The finish saw Cassidy trip Silver coming across the ring and follow it up with the Orange Punch.

Orange Cassidy def. John Silver via pinfall

Lexi backstage with Andrade.

She asks how he’s feeling coming out of his match but before he can answer, CJ Perry shows up. She says with some guidance he could become the biggest and best — and even the most handsome — wrestling star in the world. She’ll see him soon.

Then she walked off.

Andrade wondered what she was talking about. Lexi said she thinks Perry is interested in managing him.


He pondered it and walked off.

Tony Nese in the ring with Smart Mark Sterling, who introduces him real slow for the people of Memphis. Nese says he’ll change all of their lives so that they no longer look like the fat version of Elvis.

So before he wipes the floor with Samoa Joe he wants everyone to stand up because right now he wants to do some group training.

Naturally, Joe’s music interrupts.

Ring of Honor TV championship time.

Samoa Joe vs. Tony Nese

Nese got a little bit of offense in but Joe had very little time for his nonsense. A musclebuster and that was that.

Samoa Joe def. Tony Nese

After, Joe grabbed a mic and called out MJF. He said he’s giving him the gift of foresight and that foresight is that he’s coming for the AEW world heavyweight championship. Max can give him what he wants or he can put Max into a situation where he’s forced to give Joe what he wants.

He is Samoa Joe, the one true king of television, and he will be the next AEW world heavyweight champion.

Kris Statlander vs. Willow Nightingale

This one is for the TBS championship.

Willow worked her power game while Statlander answered back in kind. When Willow hulked up for a big slam, Kris was ready with a DDT for two. She got her in position to go up to the top rope for a high risk move but Willow met her there and got another two count off a death valley driver from the second rope. Nightingale picked her up by her throat and slammed her in the corner before the cannonball. Statlander immediately answered with a powerbomb from the corner into the 450 splash and that was all.

Kris Statlander def. Willow Nightingale via pinfall

After, Statlander offered her hand to Willow but Skye Blue rushed into the ring and knocked Willow’s hand away while shaking her head no. Willow went ahead and shook hands anyway.

Blue looked unhappy about it. She stayed behind in the ring watching Willow walk away and shaking her head at her with disgust.

Lexi interviewing Orange Cassidy.

He says John Silver kicks very hard but something happened before the match. Jon Moxley got in his face and his friends Claudio and Bryan got in his face. He doesn’t care about Yuta but if the others want to start a fight then they can fight. How about those two meet him and Okada in Philadelphia on Dynamite?

They instantly show a graphic while saying Tony Khan “has made it official.”

That was quick!

It’s main event time, for the world trios championship.

Cool Hand Ang & Daddy Magic & Daniel Garcia vs. The Acclaimed

Max Caster comes out rapping about Ja Morant flashing a gun and Dillon Brooks running someone out of Memphis. He also said something about someone looking unhealthy “like that skinny bitch that dates Travis Kelce.” Daddy Ass does the scissor, as per usual. Then he takes note of a bear being in the ring and it’s Grizz. So, naturally, they scissor each other.

Plenty of comedy, with Garcia doing some dancing, Daddy Ass and Bowens doing some scissoring over top of Daddy Magic, you know, the usual. They got more serious as the match wore on, with the action breaking down as it tends to do in a six-man tag. Garcia had control and fans called for him to dance. He did, but got caught for it and Daddy Ass hit the Famouser. Tag to Bowens and they doubled him up and that was that.

The Acclaimed def. Cool Hand Ang & Daddy Magic & Daniel Garcia via pinfall

“Well, it’s easy to say right now but he shouldn’t have danced,” said Schiavone right after The Acclaimed were announced as winners. Kevin Kelly said he hates the Monday morning quarterback but damn it.



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