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Darby Allin shows up at Nitro Circus, says his shoulder is broken, does a stunt and lands on broken shoulder

After his last match at Oct. 1’s WrestleDream, Darby Allin showed up at the post-PPV media scrum with his arm in a sling. He said he was going immediately from there to the hospital to get it checked out, but didn’t plan to miss his morning training session in preparation for a planned climb of Mount Everest.

Since then, he’s been on AEW television a couple times — once on the WrestleDream fallout edition of Collision for a beatdown to provide a kayfabe explanation for the injury, and then this past Wednesday (Oct. 18) on Dynamite to beatdown his former protege Nick Wayne.

You might think that would mean Allin was cleared. Learning that the 30 year old went from the AEW show in greater Houston up to Fort Worth to appear at a Nitro Circus event (a touring “action sports” extravaganza) on Thursday would probably make you feel pretty good about that assumption.

But then you’d be forgetting that Darby is Darby.

Speaking the crowd before attempting a backflip stunt, Allin said:

“I’m not doing too good. My shoulder, I think, is fractured.

“I kind of messed up my elbow pretty bad and last week I had to go train to climb Mount Everest so I haven’t really given my shoulder any time to rest but when I heard Nitro Circus was coming through Texas, I had to come.”

He didn’t get all the way around on the flip, and ended up landing on the shoulder he just said he thinks is fractured. Check it out.

Hopefully Allin is playing up his injuries for storyline purposes (or just to further the legend of Darby Allin). If not, at least he’s staying true to himself.

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