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Nick Wayne disowns his mom, gets his teeth knocked out by Darby Allin

Jim Ross attempted to help Nick Wayne’s mother Shayna get some answers from her son on the Oct. 18 Dynamite.

Mama Wayne was shocked that Nick turned on Darby Allin, someone who’s been a brother to him. She certainly doesn’t understand him picking Christian Cage, someone who’s said horrible things about his father Buddy and to her. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, as Nick reaffirmed that Cage is now his father figure — and Shayna is dead to him.

Christian showed up to support his “son” (and to get in a shitty little aside about how Nick’s mom should have called him).

But when they left the room, Shayna, JR & all of us could hear the sounds of an ass-whoopin’. When the cameras caught up to the scene, we say Darby Allin — back for the first time since he was taken out by a Con-Chair-To on the post-WrestleDream Collision— taking out both Nick & Christian.

Darby continued beating on his former protege all the way out to the ramp. Cage & Luchasaurus showed up to put a stop to it, but a certain Icon was hanging around the stage after announcing his retirement the segment before. Sting helped turn the tide, and seemed about to put Cage in a Scorpion Death Lock before Luchasaurus made the save.

Christian was aghast at what Allin had done to his boy (particularly his teeth), and we’ll await the next move in this deeply personal feud.

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