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RJ City makes PG suggestions for Anna Jay’s ‘fat ass’ catchphrase

Anna Jay made heads turn when she first uttered the catchphrase, “I’ve got a fat ass and a bad attitude.”

Jay was a recent guest on RJ City’s talk show, Hey! (EW), to discuss that catchphrase. City apologetically segued into the topic, “Let’s talk about your fat ass.” As you read the exchange, imagine City conversing in a Jerry Seinfeld cadence.

RJ City: If you have the fat ass, why the bad attitude?

Anna Jay: You know I feel like I kind have a right to have a bad attitude.

City: Really?

Jay: Yeah.

City: But you have the fat ass, don’t we all want the fat ass?

Jay: So, yes, but you know what? I got tired of people talking about it, so then I had a bad attitude. And I think I deserve to.

That explanation is simple enough. Jay added that she is preserving the longevity of her derrière through squats and rice.

The real star of the show was RJ City making suggestions to replace FABA if AEW ever goes the PG route.

  • I’ve got a firm glute, and I’m quite astute
  • I’m got a wide hip and solid craftsmanship
  • I’ve got a healthy spleen and will slay your queen
  • I’m got a sharp breast, and I’m not distressed
  • I’ve got a fine areola, and I don’t have Ebola
  • I’ve got a strong womb, and I never assume
  • I’ve got a sturdy perineum from this millennium

City’s final question was, “If your ass had to speak right now, what would it say.” Jay replied, “Hey, ew.” The ew was pronounced as the expression of disgust rather than the letters EW in AEW. A fitting end.

Watch the full interview to hear Jay rate the ass and attitude of Tony Schiavone, Willow Nightingale, Andre The Giant, and Daddy Magic. The banter between City and Jay makes the time fly by in this interview.

That concludes this piece of heard-hitting journalism. Hopefully it brought a chuckle.

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