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Jon Moxley is one of a kind

Jon Moxley is a professional wrestler who currently performs for All Elite Wrestling. He has traveled the world plying his craft, and has been hugely successful in doing so, winning many championships and making a damn good life for himself. He met and married Renee Paquette, herself a well traveled and equally successful broadcaster/personality in the scene.

All this is to establish that he is a capable human, proficient in what he does. Which is why I find the following tweets from his wife hilarious.


We also know Moxley to be a wacky character but even this seems a bit too out there. Don’t worry though, Paquette left no room for doubt when she posted photo proof:

This is what makes Moxley so entirely unique. I am both shocked and not at all surprised that this is an actual thing that happened. That man walked his dog with a USB cord. That world champion.


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