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CJ Perry might have her first client in AEW (UPDATED)

Update: That didn’t take long! Miro already took out Action Andretti, and said he will destroy every man in order to protect CJ Perry:

After this segment concluded, the AEW commentators announced it will be Miro vs. Action Andretti next week on Collision.

The original story is below this line.

CJ Perry (fka Lana in WWE) arrived in AEW last month at All Out. Her husband Miro prefers to keep his distance from her for now, but that hasn’t deterred CJ from trying to find new wrestlers to manage in AEW.

On tonight’s episode of Collision, she made her pitch to every wrestler in the locker room. If you feel that you have been overlooked and want to win championship gold, well, give CJ a call and she’ll get you on the right track.

As soon as Perry was done making her pitch, Action Andretti popped up and said he’s interested in her services:

It’s not clear if CJ will take on Action right away or if she will wait to receive phone calls from other interested AEW wrestlers. Either way, I think Action might have just put himself on Miro’s hit list.

Do you think Action Andretti is the right wrestler to pair up with CJ Perry, or is he just the next guy for Miro to slaughter? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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